Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Doves and Hawks

As we await the non-event of the UN Resolution, it may be a good idea to take stock of where we are so far… There are some excellent articles and opinion pieces here and there.

The Guardian has a very good insight on the conflict’s ultimate goals. The piece suggests that Israel cannot afford to show weakness, and Hezb has no shortage of bodies to "sacrifice".

From an Israeli perspective, Rosner has a few well reasoned pieces on his blog. He hints at how the dynamics of this conflicts may have escaped the control of the "fire mongers" themselves. He also hints at how Israel risks a lasting loss of support in the United States.

Ze’ev Shiff highlights Israel’s predicament. In Rosner’s words, “f you have not yet got into the habit of reading Schiff's clear, reasoned, knowledgeable daily columns explaining the Lebanon war, maybe this show of far-sighted analysis will convince you”.

Last but definitely not least, the Lebanese Paper the Daily Star has an instructive commentary by John Sfakianakis, in its Tuesday, August 08th Edition. But Lebanon’s cost is likely to be even higher than he suggest; countless small “mom and pop” operations have been ruined by the loss of the Tourist season. Their losses were already staggering by July 12th, when the extent of the Israeli response was not yet clear. The Saudis, Kuwaitis, and even Iranian are unlikely to compensate those people, who already owe the banks millions and now own very little…

Such costs are visible to the few wise people who rose up early to denounce the stupidity of those who are dragging Lebanon to its doom, in the name of the greater good. “ME Transparent” posts an excellent and courageous piece on this.

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