Monday, August 07, 2006

Google Earth - Part 1/2

There are some good links, for all GoogleEarth users who want to follow the conflict.

Hezb may have used GoogleEarth for is purposes; at the very least, it may have helped them to perfect trigonometric calculations for targeting its rockets. It is not very accurate, but for the purposes of hitting large cities, it is accurate enough.

The Arab news channels such as "Al-Arabia" also use it extensively, although they do not "zoom" enough...

There is a nice news feed, with many links to the locations in the conflict. Some of their coordinates are off by a few meters, but Al-Mashriq did a commendable work, and good links could be found on OgleEarth.

Also, "google earth hacks" is a generally excellent source, and has some often updated and excellent overlays for Lebanon.

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