Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Google Earth - Part 2/2

More Tracking and assessing with GoogleEarth.

The Military Situation in Southern Lebanon

Both the "Google Earth Blog" and "OgleEarth" have excellent data on the Lebanese War. There are also a couple of good sites that track and assess the past offensive from a military standpoint. And even provide a decent GoogleEarth animation of the Israeli offensive. Under the terms of the Cessation of hostilities, this would help track current Israeli positions; no doubt they would be the focus of Hezb’s “resistance” activities and Tsahal’s “defensive” operations.

From "Google Earth Hacks", you can find additional overlays for Lebanon, Syria, and Israel. There are overlays that show for the borders between Israel and its neighbours, as well as some key centers such as the Nuclear facilities at Dimona, updates to Baalbeck and Beirut's Harbour and Airport. And many others...

Environmental Damage: Spreading from Lebanon ...

The Oil Spill at the Lebanese Coast is spreading fast, and the extensive damage will take quite a while to clean up. The German "Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information" (ZKI) does an excellent job of tracking world wide environmental crises and natural disasters.

For now, having reached Syria, it will move to either Turkey or Cyprus. This depends on many factors, prevailing temperature, wind, and the direction of sea currents.

The main factor here is the Southeastern Mediterranean current, which flows northward towards Syria and Turkey. Because of this, pollution from the Lebanese coast affects them. This is what motivated the World Bank to initiate some projects to help Lebanon with pollution issues, such as the "Coastal Pollution Control and Water Supply Project".

However, as the wind shifts, the current may weaken or change direction. This happens when a low pressure zone develops over Cyprus; the current could then shift, and the slick would then turn westward towards the birthplace of Venus, the Greek godess of Love.

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