Monday, August 28, 2006

Thirty Pieces of Silver...

Interestingly, while the “Tayyar” claims that at least 200 Lebanese prisoners are held in Syria, General Michel Aoun claims that the “Tayyar” has no political prisoners in that country.

I could not believe my eyes. What is this guy really up to?

He may have been technically correct; none of those people joined the “Tayyar” officially, since the movement was formally established after they were kidnapped.

Such subtleties may be lost on the purveyors of Syria terror and their allies. Maybe the statement clears up the issue Aouns’ alliance with Hezb, who shanghaied Lebanon to war to liberate… 4 prisoners.

Apparently, the more than 10,000 people who disappeared during Syrian occupation do not really matter if you really want to become president.

Now Aoun is after the Siniora government, hinting that "Siniora [...] may have given concessions and 'guarantees' leading to signing a peace treaty with Israel". It seems he is supporting Nasrallah's idea of National Union Government. National Unity is a good Idea; but what Nation is Mgr Hassan talking about?

A friend of mine put it best:

بعدني عوني...

بسّ عون غيّر!

Paris vaut bien une messe

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