Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Leftovers After the Party

As refugees go back to Southern Lebanon, they will face two dangers; landmines and unexploded ordnance.

Because of the high number of displaced, the extent of the damage, expect more dead as kids stumble across those things. ESpecially smart kids with little to do.

It was bad before, it is worse now.

Landmines have been a feature of Southern Lebanon for a while, and the war may have added new ones, or disturbed existing fields. The terrain was already strewn with those “devices” before the latest war.

Unexploded ordnance is another, more pernicious problem. It is mostly cluster bombs, but not necessarily only that; Hezb has hidden quite a few weapons in tunnels and hideouts, locations that are now be disrupted.

The Israeli used Cluster bombs and CEM’s. Cluster bombs remain the most dangerous ones; they are actually designed to explode on contact. CEM’s are essentially shape charges, designed to detonate on frontal impact, much like a Katiusha.

To be sure, we are facing a huge cleanup task. Again. Even the Israeli press recognizes the extent of the problem.

Cleanup, Part Deux

This task is similar to the past task of cleaning up all the minefields at the end of 1990, when the war “ended”. This war may have been a “concentrate” of all the wars of yonder, with the damage and planting “concentrated” in a month…

With Hezb holding on to its weapons, this mess will not be easy to clean up. This for a simple technical reason; one fast way to detect those nasty leftovers, extensive radar mapping, could laso reveal thier hidden toys...

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