Saturday, August 19, 2006

Logistics and Llamas

Logistics means Llamas.

Yes. Llamas.

Because of the rough terrain (they bombed the roads), the Israeli Army needed pack animals for transport duty in southern Lebanon. Their obvious choice was South American llamas. For some reason, those smart llamas refused to enter Lebanon. Did they know something?

Maybe they were afraid of the pack mules of Lebanese smugglers. Those exotic animals have demonstrated their effectiveness in Lebanon and elsewhere. Or maybe they were afraid of those nefarious Lebanese sheep that invaded Israel last Thursday.

Maybe those high tech gurus at Tsahal have not discovered Mules yet. What's next, pack rabbits? Jackalopes?

The fact is a mule can carry at least twice as much as the llama, and can be quite autonomous.

Lebanese smugglers rely heavily on mules, who are also smart enough to avoid army or customs patrols, and patient enough to hide.

With such amateurish leadership, it is no wonder Israeli soldiers went hungry. With such poor logistics, and faced with strong opposition, their offensive sputtered and failed.

At least now that the soldiers are back home, food supplies are not a problem. They can go back to yiddishe mama's home cooking. Guess what's on the menu? mmm...

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