Thursday, August 24, 2006

Reserve Revolution

Are they copying our Cedar Revolution?

Not quite; this one is about war.

Reserve soldiers have started a protest movement against Prime Minister Olmert, whom they blame for the Israeli defeat. The petition circulating calls for a full account of what happened. For a moment there, I thought that Israel had become an Arab country; failed leaders drove it to defeat, claimed victory, and stayed in power, unassailable.

Well, apparently not so unassailable; the “convergence” government is already fighting for its survival. This is its only policy. As they circle the wagons and maneuver to stay in power, any criticism is tantamount to treason.

Much like an Arab government...

This comes on the heels of stories of corruption, alleged depravity, and the sheer arrogance of a leadership and an army that grew complacent during the “ubuesque” occupation in Gaza and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), and misused resources.

Much like an Arab Army...

Still; this One is About Real Democracy…

The greater risk to Israeli democracy may be to keep such a team on incompetents in charge, continuing to betray their own people, and maybe stoke sectarian fire

In spite of "opposition from long-standing reservist organizations", I think they will prevail; such an oucry saw the ousting Golda Meir.

"L'ingratitude envers les grands hommes est la marque des peuple forts". And Ehud is no "grand homme".

Let us have no illusions; they are not protesting about the war. They are protesting about HOW the war was mismanaged. Once the lessons are learned, they want better management in charge, instead of the media-manufactured "leadership".

Olmert will keep on maneuvering to stay in power; his government will dump money on social programs and reconstruction, but Israelis will easily see through this vote-buying.

The longer he holds, the harder the fall. As his supporters realize how radioactive he has become, Olmer will not be the only one to go. It will soon be Bye Bye Kadima...

After this is done and they get rid of the amateurs, you bet they will be back. If nothing really changes, they will be back to Lebanon; they have been complacent for too long, and nothing has really changed in Lebanon.

And they have so few other tricks left...

Real Democracy to Them, More War for Us…

No. Nothing has really changed in Lebanon. Excusez mes jérémiades… mais ça reste vrai…

The cease-fire exists in all but name, but Hezb is keeping its fire. For now.

Nasrallah rules the roost, keeps his toys, and causes delays. And we can do nothing about the great one. Sarcasm better be backed by an Army...

Bashar is growing a spine and dreaming of the grandeur he never had. He claims he will stop the smuggling. Fat chance.

With the Europeans paying lip service to peace, and the Americans sitting on the fence,

Lebanon may soon be in the worst of all worlds:

  • A Lebanese government stifled and limited to stop-gap measures,
  • A country under Iranian-funded occupation,
  • An economy blockaded both by Syria and Israel; the Syrians are already dropping feelers.
  • All of us bracing, waiting for Tsahal to attack again and “liberate” us.

Coming (back) Soon: Same stupid war, New Mismanagement?

I hope not... Though we'll miss the Llamas...

The Movement Grows (Sept 8, 2006):

Well, it seems the movement is already having an impact.

On one hand, Olmert and Peretz have started maneuvering to remain in power. But their MP's are already making signs of defection, and the rats may already be leaving ship; a well attended wedding party in Galillee may be an indication of things to come... Kadima back to Likud?

And the Reservists are growing in Strength and numbers. Some high-minded worthies initially criticized them, but more and more "real" people are joining in a growing movement.

If we're gonna be ennemies, let it be an intelligent one.

In comparison, I am not so sure about Lebanon's "friends" and "Leaders"; some better remain stupid, but others need to grow a brain.

... And Fast.

The Israeli Government: Still floating (Sept. 20, 2006)

The Israeli government is trying to duck the issue of its incompetence by dumping the issue in a commission of inquiry with a limited mandate, which falls "short of the demands for an independent, in-depth probe with the authority to dismiss top government officials".

Olmert is standing by Peretz, knowing that they could easily fall together. And Halutz is digging in; No doubts he has many more screws-up to plan.

It is likely that they are underestimating the size of their own screw-ups; some news are already emerging, as the recent official report of the government's own incompetence.

They also underestimate the doggedness of their own people; in spite of sensational media reports, it appears that 85% of northern Israeli residents did not leave and toughed it out. If rockets did not cow them, incompetent politicians are unlikely to do so...

The negative reaction is not limited to the margins or the blogosphere, and dissenters are getting increasingly vocal. The protest has now its own Encyclopedia entry!

La Course en Avant (Sept. 25, 2006)

Peretz is making hints towards Syria; he is hoping to find there the votes he lost in Israel. The approach is meeting little enthusiasm in Israel.

And Olment, with a 7% approval rating, is the most unpopular Prime Minister in the history of Israel. He's been trying to talk quite a game to stay afloat. So far, the results have been un-impressive. Haaretz covered Olmert's latest press conference; it does not look good. He managed to look worse than Nasrallah; "In the current marathon of speeches and interviews, Nasrallah stands out as the only leader in these parts with an agenda. And that is not good news for the coming year".

Incompetence may not be a good enough reason to kick him out of office; rather, it is the traditional trouble Israeli Prime Ministers seem to be having with real estate that could do him in. It all depends on how many Kadima MP's managed to rebuild bridges with the Likud. What ever party they switch t, they better make sure its leader has a healthier diet, and a smarter deputy.

The Death of a Thousand Cuts (Oct. 03, 2006)

Du Nouveau; “Ron-Tal, former head of the IDF Ground Forces Command until last November”, had said publicly “yesterday that Halutz should take responsibility for the failure of the war with Hezbollah, and leave his post”. He also hinted that “Olmert should step down as well, and criticized the military's role in last year's disengagement from the Gaza Strip”.

The first reaction is to reinstate some discipline among the ranks, and “IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz yesterday discharged Major General Yiftah Ron-Tal effective immediately”.

The longer term effect; one more banderilla in the bull… The system cannot remain blocked for long, especially with partners like these...

Run, Ehud, Run!

Now the israeli High Court of Justice has given "the government [...] six days to explain why a national panel of inquiry independent of the government had not been established"... the nose is tigtening.

I would like a panel of inquiry in the shortcomings of our nasties in Lebanon, those idiots who claim to rule over us... But hell freezing over is too much to ask.

Since you Israelis have a measure of choice, please, next time, do not vote for any more amateurs; for your sake and ours. If there is going to be another war, let real mensh do the job...

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