Sunday, August 06, 2006

Timeo Danaos...

Now, the United Nations is coming to the rescue of Lebanon. But it may be too little too late: the real fighting may have taken a momentum of its own.

Given that the "resolution" to be voted by the UN essentially calls for a "cessassion of hostilities", thus retaining Israel's right to "retaliate".

Given that Hezb "will continue fighting as long as Israeli troops remain on Lebanese soil".

Doesn't the resolution effectively give "cover" to Israel to continue?

Between now and the UN vote, things may accelerate. The pressure will rise in the Southern Lebanese cooker. Then, after the vote, the "lid" will be removed, and those that can still walk will leave. Then, after a (very) short lull Hezb will "attack the occupiers". Nasrallah has little choice in the matter, he is the "UberResistant", after all..

Israel would then be "justified" in "retaliating". It will move to destroy the "infrastructure of Terror" (i.e. Lebanon's), and "prepare the ground for the international force" (i.e occupy the South).

In effect, this would mean that Israel will take over an EMPTY land...

1948, anyone?

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