Monday, September 11, 2006


Mamma mia... When Lebanese put their minds to it, they can be really good; too bad this is all done for sectarian reasons. Can't see a Merkava or an F-16 dig their way in there... Kinda like a Tell-Zaatar on steroids. Your Iranian oil at work.

Or is it Palestinian? Upon further examination, I have growing doubts about the "authenticity" of those pictures anymore, especially the two at the bottom; looks like Gaza. I also do not think the Israelis had much time to go tunneling in Southern Lebanon.

Another blog, "l'Ombre de l'Olivier" shows other pictures of what could be tunnels, though the first could simply be a cave, and a couple of them may simply be septic tanks... Still, it hints that Hezb must have built bigger tunnels than the ones I show.

Your help is greatly appreciated to verify/clarify that. "woz we rong"?

I could check myself at some point, but once in a lifetime is enough; I prefer to rely on the "adventurousness" of others, misguided or otherwise.

Still, those guys can't be claustrophobic... Can't imagine how a BLU-109 "bunker buster" would feel inside one of those; but the Israelis focused on cluster bombs this time around...

What really scares me is that they could try and bring in a few MOAB's next time around; civilian would really be in the way then. In round 2, we'll be in a heck of a sandwich, with Hezb undergroung, and Israel above ground.

Yes, Virginia, they could well be back in 4 or 5 months; at least Jacques Chirac thinks so... Or was it all a calculated leak?

Thanks JK for the pics... Anyone who can add more information and
verify the pics, please drop a line or email me.

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demabloggery said...

Best pics yet I've seen of those tunnels...