Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Lebanese Political Party

In our current predicament, the fault may not be in our stars, or our leaders, but within ourselves.

We keep following those pied pipers to our doom. There are hopeful signs things are a'changin, and people's minds may be evolving. I will not cite recent statistics or polls, rather, I would rely on anecdotal evidence.

This has been making the rounds in Lebanon. Created by Hanadi, "ARAFTOUNA" bills itself as the new party of the disgusted [not so] few.

The party has universal appeal, as the Logo appears universally shared.


Bashir said...

where can we sign our support?

Marie-Josée said...

First of all, thanks for your visit to my blog and for your comment.
This is a great movie you are posting here. We are really sick of these bunch of freacks ruling our country.
Words are better than swords, and this is why Samir Kassir & Gebrane Tueni have been killed, because their pen was a death threat to all those who are carrying swords and expecting that this is what makes their power.
I really hope that all these people like you and me can respond to all this insanity going around, for the sake of our Beloved Lebanon.

Jeha said...

Thanks Y'all,

I am afraid we are voting with our feet; until now, those "leaders" got plenty of foreing support and funding, and only need "hand clappers".

This is unsustainable in the long run; all the hand-clapping in the world cannot make a country work.

And those of us who left can always come back. Then maybe brains could overcome brawn.

Anonymous said...

True, True & Nothing but True

Eagle said...

i would like to fall under the wings of this party "ARAFTOUNA" but you should update the name to "ARAFTOUNA KTIR" because of the exponential increase in the amount of arraf.

Jeha said...


It's been added. We now have a new logo, worthy of the "idiots-in-charge" of Lebanon...