Friday, November 24, 2006

Kélém Bécile

The Assassins of Pierre Gemayel maybe Syrians, but they have many parents...

March 14th: Oscar du Meilleur (Second) Rôle Emasculé

Yes. Syria did it. But what have they really done about it?

Ever since the parliamentary elections, they have gone from concession to concession… Now they are in the odd position of a government in power running scared of its own security forces

Indeed, the the only “engagement” the Syrians and their supporters deserve is “engagement” from the “International Tribunal”. And this is putting it mildly.

Those behind Syria underestimate the resolve of “March 14th”. Sure, there were pretty girls in the demonstrations, but they should not confuse civility with cowardice.

True, their early divisions and the inclusion of Hezb and Amal into the government are a sign of weakness, but they could be a sign of pragmatic manoeuvring. This time, they are playing for keeps; The International Tribunal is the Bottom Line, Non-negotiable, Period.

No more Mister Nice Guy.

Wanna bet? Then recall the Thursday grand national Jamboree. Too bad someone has to die for the sleepers to wake up. I have no doubt that Lebanon will recover from this loss. His father, Amine Gemayel, acted wisely and calmly… Contrast the civilised demo with Hezb’s partisans along the Airport route.

Still, March 14th better wake up fast. At this rate, we’re going to need a martyr for every law that passes. I have to admit that Sheikh Pierre will be sorely missed; he was coming into his own, and had a quality unique for a Lebanese President. Yes, he was on his way to be a good one…

L’ingratitude envers les grands hommes est la marque des Peuples Forts.

Syria, Iran: When in a Hole, Keep Digging…

I will sum it up in one Leitmotiv that keeps coming back, in one form or another; support for the "legitimate, democratically-elected government" of Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora.

It is not because Syria and Iran are able to convene the Iraqis to a talk show in Teheran that they are now able to play dans la cour des grands. They will soon find that Clemenceau’s words still ring true; making peace is harder than making war. Not sure who did the car bombing in Baghdad, but, oh my! What big a hornet’s nest you’ve mess with.

Especially if your intent is to maintain nefarious dictatorships in power. Then you may want to recall Clemenceau’s other words;

La dictature, c’est comme le Pal; ça commence bien, ça fini mal…

Aoun: Kélém Bécile

Now Aoun is competing with Kalam el Nass.

His minions (Gebran "Kalem" Becile is an egredious example) are repeating the words of this northern star genius Sleiman Franjieh. So the assassination is a devious ploy for March 14th to gain sympathy and maintain the government.

To most Lebanese, basically all those who are used to paying their utility bills, well… Duh. We all prefer to trust in Occam’s Razor; the simplest explanation is the always the better. And the answer is…


If you got it right, you win the right to get assassinated. Via local service providers, of course. There are many of them.

Non mais, Quel Imbécile

Hezb, oh God!

Hezb and Hariri had a complex relationship; many blame him for the army’s shooting of Shiite demonstrators around the time of the OPEC meeting in Beirut. After his assassination, Hezb rallied so much behind his Syrian assassins, calling for a “due process” for a regime who ignores the meaning of the word.

Due Process? How about this beauty. According to Al-Manar, Goebbel’s favourite TV station, there are hints that Geagea and Joumblat may know more than they let on; the first predicted Assassinations of ministers, the second predicted the slaying of Tueni.

Now they blame the government (who should resign, of course) for the Gemayel assassination, forgetting that their own plants litter the state’s institutions.

That raises questions about the real extent of Hezb’s 21st Century “Fatahland”.

The Lady doth protest too much. What does she have to hide?

Nihilistic Rant?

You should hear the industrialists and commercial sectors calling for an all out strike till (and I quote): the “demi-Gods” who rule us engage in a real dialogue, and not in downtown, but “on a boat somewhere”…

Unfortunately, the Titanic is not available.

To add that March 14th may have their faults, but they are at least trying to put out the fires of war, and bring Lebanon a measure of independence.

Well, this post may have been a nihilistic rant rather than an analysis.

I will do better next time.

I promise.


R said...

good to have your comments section back!

Good post Jeha, nihilistic is sometimes good...

Free Cedar said...

Echoing R, nihilistic can be good.

" According to Al-Manar, Goebbel’s favourite TV station, there are hints that Geagea and Joumblat may know more than they let on; the first predicted Assassinations of ministers, the second predicted the slaying of Tueni."

For some people some things are simply too obvious to be true: "Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliquer?"

Jeha said...

Eh oui,

pourquoi donc? la stupidite est tellement plus rassurante que la raison.