Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Negative Ads

Negative Ads couldn't get any better; in contrast with Hezb's stern images of religious-inspired sacrifice, Syria's adulation of its current masters, and Aoun's loud orange blitz, a simple message is being "branded".

I Love Life. Together with smiling images of past slain leaders, such as Pierre Gemayel's smiling, boyish grin. The message is clear; choose the "nicer" side... Those who claim March 14th have their faults, and did not understand the true Lebanese feeling expressed on that fateful fay, but still, those who follow March 8th appear excessively nihilistic.

As I pointed out somewhere else, a gov't defeat will be a Hezb win. No need to fight fire with Napalm.
Moderation in Everything... Even in moderation;

Choose Life.
Yes, I know; In the US, it has another meaning... But I like this one better.

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