Saturday, December 30, 2006

Too Much, Too Late...

So now Walid Beyk wakes up to the threat posed by Hezb, who may be involved in some, of not all the assassinations in Lebanon. In the shadowy world of the Iran and his Lebanese peones;


1- There is, in the presence of Imad Mughniyeh, a “حمار عتيق” between the United States and the “Party of God”. Many feel that it has come to payback time; Nasrallah may have a point when “made his head an alleged target of the tribunal”, he may have intended more that merely ordering “his followers to reject it by all means”. Indeed, he may have solid reasons to fearlargely symbolic) sanctions under Chapter 7… Coming from Walid Beyk, those words have unique meaning. that the Hariri tribunal could be used to go after him. And now that the pressure is increasing on his masters, with (

Et tu, Brute?

2- While Joumblat stirred some murky waters, it is worth noting that Hariri apparently distanced himself from the Beyk’s allegations. Could it be that this whole thing was a maneuver intended to scuttle a Sunni-Shiite deal to avert a looming war? Could a rift be developing between the Hariri and Joumblat?

So how does Joumblat’s “إتّفاق رباعي” look now?

3- Or is it that Saad Hariri is simply playing it safe(r)? Indeed, this comes in the context of American “openings” by “flip-flopping” Kerry, following a British footpath, with many “realists” support those moves… The Syrians may miscalculate (again), and since Aoun’s marché de dupes with Hezb further weakens the government, they may feel they have the upper hand (again)… and resume assassinations.

Quo usque tandem?

In spite of my paranoia, may you have Eid Moubarak, and may we (finally) see a happy new year for Lebanon... There is always hope; it is our nature., but you may want to hedge your bets...


Free Cedar said...

Unfortunately there are many elements present for paranoia. Already approaching the end of the holidays ... Hope you were able to enjoy them.
Wishing you a wonderful and all the best for the new year.
Hoping the 2007 will be better for Lebanon.

R said...

Donno what the heck the bayk was thinking... In the struggle to gain the moral high ground against your opponent you cannot use or even insinuate about using the tactics for which you dispise them...