Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Onward (Non-Denominational) Soldiers

We’ve just received a declaration of Civil War, or at least war with UNIFIL.

Nasrallah has Revealed Next Move.

He did so during another one of those ant-American Jamborees. How can we trust what he said?

Simple; we know Nasrallah is telling the truth because Nasrallah says he is telling the truth, and since Nasrallah never lies, he can only be telling the truth when he says is telling the truth. Q.E.D.

Simpler; he has painted himself into this corner. Backing down now would mean certain defeat, and maybe worse. His best strategy is to escalate matters and hope for best. Still, this “Inch Allah” option is going to be a helluvaHail Mary Pass”, and they’ll be hell to pay; I think the 3rd commandments applies to all of us monotheists, Jews, Christians and Moslems. Dura Lex...

And this time, the truth is embedded in the message, as pointed out by an excellent piece on Naharnet, “Nasrallah's 'National' Tag”, by Mohammed Salam. Mr Salam point out the key statements in the speech, where the Great Syed now asks for the help of other "National " factions.

When in a hole… get a Fig Leaf.

I a move to perpetuate the resistance myth, he is looking for fig leaves… er, Allies that can join his march for Liberation; by combining the forces of his “Islamic Resistance in Lebanon (IRL)” with the “Lebanese National Resistance Movement (LNRM)”.

No doubt those "secular" movement will forget how many of them were "liquidated", to give room for Hezb to take over the "Resistance", much like Hezb forgot Syria's massacre of its men the Khairallah barracks during the "war of the Suburbs". Who ever said loveless marriages do not last? Aoun already forgave Syria for the kidnappings of his supporters..

We’ll call the new outfit the “Non-Denominational Alliance of the Islamic-Christian Proletariat for a National Resistance Movement against Zionists and their Western Lackeys (NDAICPNRMaZWL)”. Also known as “BFD” for short; Another perpetuation of the myth of "Lebanese Exception" and our fake unity, and maybe even the mythology of world-wide class struggle... к победе, камрады!

This glorious alliance will then attempt to Liberate Shebaa. It takes no crook/soothsayer to then see how this can lead to more war and destruction;

Since the UNIFIL is in the Way…

Expect the first actions around February 14th; no, not south, that would give away the plan. Expect another push north, from Dahyeh to Downtown…

It appears that Hezb now considers “that it is ‘criminal’ for citizens to gather, demonstrate, and hold sit-ins”. I guess the planned commemoration of Hariri’s assassination is a threat to national security. True, Hariri had his faults, but he did not kill that many people.

True, downtown is turning into a shrine, which sometimes makes me regret the fist candles we lit up there… But it is a fact that Hariri had his admirers, not all for hire; I can think of more than 22,000 extended families that now benefit from their children’s education.

Now, according to Hezb, commemorations and gatherings for this war-monger “may lead to civil strife”, the “responsibility is borne by the individuals who participate, and the leaders of the groups that call for such gatherings”.

Of course, unless Hezb-bla-bla moves to confront this threat to “national unity

The Road to Liberate Shebaa goes Through… Downtown!

… Or to mass suicide; this was pointed out by Anton Effendi, in his “Path to Suicide” post. Indeed, by painting any reasonable compromise as “surrender”, Nasrallah condemns his followers to a uselss, suicidal, civil war.

Why useless? Nasrallah forgets that he "could liberate Jerusalem and hand it back to the Palestinians tomorrow", but "he will always be a rejectionist Muslim" to most Sunni Moslems. The Kurdish prince Salah El-Din E;-Ayoubi was a great hero, but his "liberation" of Jerusalem did not the Kurds much good at Halabja.

Why civil war? Well, the Daily Star’s Michael Young warned that “next time around, Lebanon will be in a civil war”, because of the persistence of such Jusqu’au bout-isme. However, few among the current Shiite leadership are likely to heed his warning.

Why Suicidal? Even Hezb’s ex leader Subhi Tufayli has noted the danger in this attitude, and reminded the Shiites to forego the “majority/minority” discourse.

Indeed, much like Christians, Alawites and Druze, Shiites are “small minorities scattered in the vast sea of the Islamic world”. They are even more so within “Greater Syria”, where it remains “in their interest to be allies for the majority and to mend fences with Sunnis”. In an increasingly sectarian Fertile Crescent, the Shiites risk destroying “even [their] future, and [could] be slaughtered like sheep, even in Lebanon; this is a reality”.

They better stand up and take notice; compared to Tufayli, Nasrallah used to sound like a moderate and a realist among the fundamentalists, if there ever was such a thing. So when Tufauli calls your actions “crazy”…

… You’ve really stepped in it.


fubar said...

Witty, irreverent, and pointedly accurate, as usual.

Gotta go. Death to America and have a nice day.

Amir in Tel Aviv said...

Let us not forget that 'Ashura' is the mothers of all sectarian memorial for sectarian wars.

Hassan is full of contradictions:
The Shi'i Sunni struggle is "American attempt to spark a dispute among Muslims".
So why cooperating with this by stressing that "4 Sunnis and 1 Shi'i were killed on Tuesday". Why not saying that 5 Muslims, or 5 Arabs, or 5 Lebanese were killed??
All this sacrifice and Shuhada, for what? For Shab'a farms?... Give me a .....
And yes, I agree with Hassan that when chief of stuff Haluts says he doesn't trust IDF's ground troops, it is alarming.

ghassanb karam said...

I think that we need at times to be reminded that the same folks who gave us fabricated photoshop evidence during the summer , who gave us doctored photographs about the culpebability of March 14 forces last week are the same groups who fabricated for the whole world the Shebba farm crisis in order to justify their resistance and "state within a state" existence.

The "fig leaf" that Jeha speaks about is a logical extension of the efforts by Damascus to destablize the national forces in Lebanon. Damascus and Tehran give the orders and Nasrallah executes. This has been the case openly since the Syrians were forced to withdraw from Lebanon publicaly. They really never did withdraw because HA/Lahoud?/Franjieh/Karami/Arslan axis did their bidding.

Rational people do not compound their mistakes.I can understand the rationale for the cooperation with HA during the last election and I can even understand the misguided efforts at keeping them in the government when they first walked out but there is no reason whatsoever for the current group with the parliamentary majority to form a government that includes HA. They (HA) have demonstrated that they have a completely different agenda that that of what is good for Lebanon and that they prefer to be treated as if they are above the law. Any attempts that fail to recognize the real nature of HA as a force that is opposed to Lebanese sovereignty are nothing short of appeasment.

Unfortunately Mr. Saniora appears to be intent on committing the same mistake twice. Fot that there is no justification and if this republic is to survive then it must dissolve HA and its militia. There is no other option.

nick said...

straight to the point, with good references. cool post dude.

Lirun said...


ur funny..

ghassan karam said...

Where is the music? As annoying and distractive (is there such a word? I doubt it) as it might have been Your attempt to select appropriate distinctive tunes will be missed by this reader. Can't you add a button so that readers can chose to turn it on or off?

Nobody said...

We’ll call the new outfit the “Non-Denominational Alliance of the Islamic-Christian Proletariat for a National Resistance Movement against Zionists and their Western Lackeys (NDAICPNRMaZWL)”. Also known as “BFD” for short; Another perpetuation of the myth of "Lebanese Exception" and our fake unity, and maybe even the mythology of world-wide class struggle... к победе, камрады!


da !!! tochno!!! vpered !!! na barikadi !!

Jeha said...

Sorry Ghassan,

I had to remove it; it's been slowing down some systems... I miss FORTRAN