Saturday, January 27, 2007

We're Baaack

It is not over by any stretch of the imagination; Hezb is plotting next moves, Aoun is fighting for his political life, and Siniora hopes for a chance to doll out the dough

I feared the worse this weekend, it came earlier. Now I fear that Monday will be hot; how will students go back to classes now? Sunnis and Shiites in the same rooms, campuses, and dorms?

Some in the press are even channelling Savonarola against his modern intellectual heirs in Lebanon, in effect, the whole sinister lot. I can’t help but feel that there is no hell hot enough for those who started this (my loose translation), however they did it, whoever they are, whatever their reasons…

Still like those politicians of yours?

Well, we have the leaders we deserve, I guess... Spare a though for the generation that preceded you, and tasted the real taste of war, and shed real blood. Today, as I see the pieces of our lives thrown away again, I have little to add to those who say that "our own formula has expired" (H/T Blacksmith Jade).Just this; in the video, one man was telling his father, the day of his uncle's funeral;

"say hello to your (dead) brother, O my father, and to your mother".

The man killed his own brother. Some killed their own children. Some killed their own parents. All betrayed their country, themselves, their families, and God's commands to mankind. It is still true that those who want to have dinner with the devil need a helluva long spoon. So keep following those sheep herders of yours, and Say goodbye to your loved ones;

The brothers you will kill,

The sisters you will shame,

The mother and father you will dishonour.

...and All for the sake of a chair, a black turban, a fistful of greenbacks

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