Sunday, April 29, 2007

Adding Insult to Murder

Miss Lebanon was crowned Friday, in typical Lebanese pageantry.


I am personally oblivious to the TV pageantry; with all the good looking Lebanese women around, displays on the flat screen are a poor ersatz. Yes, yes, dear ol’ Georgina was once Miss Universe… or Miss World… Whatever… Get over it.

Thanks to the LBC’s pursuit of profits at all costs, the pageantry also tends to take on some elements of voyeurism associated with the detestable real-time TV fad, and the winner could often be the one with the better phone bank. This time, the good looking girl won, but that is beside the point.

\\Begin Rant

The point is the timing. I do understand that LBC went satellite and (way) global to the rest of the Arab world, but there was a tragedy in Lebanon, and the funeral of the two victims was on Friday. Same country, same day, different “events”?

Not in my country. At least, not in the Lebanon I grew up in. Common human decency requires that they postponed the pageant, at least for the day of the funeral. I have no doubt that they would have done so for any of our inconsequential politicians.

Maybe we Peones do not matter, once we served our purpose. Maybe this is the real point of agreement across the political spectrum, from Geagea to Nasrallah; we’re all cannon fodder to them.

Incidentally, a friendly reminder; she better not shake too many hands; it’s ok for Bashar or Khatami to do so, but not for her.

\\End Rant

Sorry about the soapbox thing; somebody had to say it:



Bashir said...


amir in tel aviv said...

Your post today is 'light', not
about heavy, hardcore politics.
Let me add to that.
I think today was a historic day; in which for the first time (at least, in what I recall), that Muslims went to the streets, to protest against the political Islam. I mean Turkey of course.
And it was a mass demonstration, not a marginal minority protesting on TV screens, but hundreds of thousands in the open, in public.
Don't remember something like that ever... do you?

ghassan karam said...

Although I agree with you that the timing of the program could have been revised, I am afraid that this insensitivity is a price that is exacted by globalization. When an enterprise goes global then delocalization becomes inevitable.
What is almost equally tasteless is the very idea of a "meat market". These contests are demeaning to women and are put on for the pleasure of the few "male chauvinist ..."

fubar said...

While I agree with Jeha about he absurdity and distastefulness of the show on the same day as the funeral, Ghassan, you go to far.

"These contests are demeaning to women and are put on for the pleasure of the few 'male chauvinist ...'"

Demeaning to women, ... apparently the adult women participants don't think so. Doesn't this world have enough men already telling women what they should or should not do, what they should or should not wear. Do you really think you need to join the crowd.

Put on for the pleasure of the few "male chauvinist" ... well, when the ratings come out, we can all see how many "a few" is...too bad we will probably never know how many of those few are women.

O/T Turkey
Amir is right, the protest was quite massive. You can never put an actual solid number on those things, but many hundreds of thousands, perhaps even a million, in support of a secular Turkey. Quite impressive, but also a sign of how seriously far Turkey has gone towards Islamic rule and how afraid those people are. According to the Turkish Constitution, it is the job of the military to protect the secularness of the state. There may be a test of that in the future.

ghassan karam said...

I take the issue of empowerment of women very seriously. Just so that we will not misunderstand each other let me tell you that i am in awe of beauty just as much as the next person. I have at times been attracted to the wild voluptuousness of a BB and at other times to the classical dignified Empress Thuraya
;-) but i'll be damned if I will judge a woman by the way she looks. BTW, I obviously do not want to judge men by their looks either lol.

fubar said...

Well, just so we are clear, Ghassan, I think these shows are so much crap, world peace, blah, blah...

I just think, generally, people should be able to do what they want as long as they are not hurting anyone else. And I am sick of people telling others what they can or cannot do -- whether in the name of religion or feminism. If you want to empower women, stop thinking that you know what is best for them and start respecting their right to think for themselves.

BTW, people are judged every day by the way they look. It is an animal instinct. Women judge other women, women judge men, men judge women, and men judge other men. If you are on a crusade to stamp that out, good luck with that. = )

ghassan karam said...

I have no idea why we are spending these valuable moments discussing this issue :-) but I just want to make it very clear that although I find beauty pageants distasteful I have not called for making them illegal or for banning them , I will leave that to the Iranian dresstapo and internettapo.

I happen to believe that we are witnessing over time an enlargement of the circle of ethics and believe it or not my circle of ethics does include females. And you know what, it is going on all the time. Even Trump is considering abandoning the Miss Universe franchise because not enough people are interested. Obviously in these matters Lebanon is not a trend setter, it embraces that which many in the world have already foresaken; Pan Arabism , rabid anti zionism and beauty pageants :-)

Blam Blom said...

she is really pretty

Shirin said...

The current events in Lebanon disturb me terribly, how low can our nation stoop? Is there any hope for better times?

Blam Blom said...

what is عيب

Jeha said...

"عيب" means "shame"...

Sorry for not responding earlier; it is getting harder to find relatively anonymous ISPs when traveling around the ME.

Blacksmith Jade said...

Hey Jeha, I tagged u in this post, feel free to accept or refuse, no hard feelings!