Thursday, May 31, 2007

1757 !

Good news for a change! Those are truly historic events… One can only feel safer with terrorists out of the picture. One can also feel stronger now that the International Tribunal is set up.

Great News! But…


As we face the repercussion, we can only commend the Lebanese security services, and we can never be grateful enough for the brave men of the Army.

But from those who have been following the events in Northern Lebanon a little bit too close for comfort, one gets mixed feelings.

First, there were some surprising “turnarounds”, with presumed allies turning into enemies. At the UN, while the unholy alliance of Qatar and Syria was not surprising, since it is based on simple business interests, South Africa’s petty hypocrisy was more surprising; those who endured apartheid should know better than take such a “principled position”… No doubt similar turnarounds were foremost on the mind of the mind of the leaders of Fath Al-Islam, who was “pre-empted” just before the battle heated up, while he was taking a break. He had though he was safe among friends…

Second, this newfound efficacy of those services is “surprising”, to say the least. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the turnaround in security, while welcome, augurs that there may be more to this than meets the eye. Are the country’s “terror contractors” changing sides? If so, is this the early sign of a deal?

Third, finding the truth will take time… The tribunal will not be settled till another year. Even with an expected “heavy” 8th report due in mid-June, Brammertz’s report series is not over yet. Last but not least, many local obstacles remain to finding the truth and bringing the guilty to justice. The Lebanese system is such an inter-connected web of rival interests that many surprises can still spring up.

So here’s a small tale that sums it up;

A Cautionary “Parable”

A bird was flying, migrating to warmer climes.

Suddenly, a cold snap came in, and before he could do anything, the bird was frozen stiff. The bird fell to the ground; few branches broke his fall and he did not die on impact. But he was immobile, too cold to move or do anything but wait to die…

Then a cow happened by. She did not notice the bird, and almost stepped on him. As she went along, she dropped a warm “cow pie” on the frozen little birdie. The bird felt warm again; as he regained feeling in his muscles, he started singing, rejoicing in his luck…

Then a cat came by, lured by the singing. As the bird was still groggy, the cat pulled him out of the “cow pie”, gently cleaned him… And ate him.

There are three morals to the story:

Moral 1/3: not everyone who dumps on you means to hurt you,

Moral 2/3: not everyone who gets you out of a mess means to help you,

Moral 3/3: When you’re in deep voodoo up to your neck, stay quiet, and try to get out of it by your own means, lest you attract unwelcome attentions...

Thinking Blogs (Digression/Update)…

Since we’re on the subject on thinking and Cautionary takes, here’s one thing that I came across; Mary at Exit Zero tagged yours truly as one of five Thinking Blogger awards. This is part of “a new blog meme” started by Ilker Yoldas, to refer to the 5 Blogs that made me think. Those who were “tagged” are supposed to;

1.write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,

2.Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,

3.Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

So here’s my “Lebanese” twist on the meme;

1- To all those who are looking for a thinking Lebanese perspective on matters, Across the Bay is a great site, I happen to agree that the tribunal “is a must”; indeed, “You Can't Play Nice with Syria”.

2- When the trouble erupts in the Middle-East, it is always refreshing to see an American such as Michael J. Totten searching for objective facts on the ground. Rather than rehashing tired slogans, Michael rightly states the facts, as in “What Assad Fears Most Has Come to Pass” with UNSC 1757.

3- In the days before the internet, many of those slogans would be hard to shoot down. Today, those nefarious idiots have a harder time; thanks to Abu Kais’ diligence, From Beirut to Beltway remains a reference of all Lebanese blogs (IMH-But Accurate-O), especially to those searching for a true secular, objective statement of the facts, and an informative debate.

4- Objectivity would be nothing without raw facts, which Kamangir gives plenty of. Their interesting perspective comes from an Iranian side that is often misreported, and reminds us that their great civilization began before 1979. Far too often, we get a “Disney-noir” version of Iran that misses the complexities of the great Persian civilization.

5- Roots and History get a good treatment on Kishkushim, where you can find interesting debates and exchanges. Amos thinks the Israeli government may still service; I feel that the Labour primary may prove to be the first nail in its coffin… Time will tell...


anonymouse said...

Just a small correction. It is 'deep doodoo', not voodoo.

Jeha said...

My mistake. I should have linked to this statement by Ross Perot; "The total national debt was only $1 trillion in 1980, when President Reagan took office. It is now $4 trillion. Maybe it was voodoo economics. Whatever it was, we are now in deep voodoo, I'll tell you that"

I liked the little demagogue, though he promised much, delivered little, and was upset by less.

anonymouse said...

hahaha ok coming from him it 'makes sense'.

So what else is new in your neighborhood? Another Resolution to add to the list?

Tell you what, these resolutions will pile up on you, and probably after you thaw, something good might happen. Its not cool to be the helpless little bird is it? Someone has to do it I guess? Black and white? good and evil? write and wrong? positive and negative? Strong and weak? you get the point...

So much brain energy wasted on just making your fellow compatriots accept one another. Can you imagine if all this energy was used towards something that can actually have an immediate, and palpable effect for the future of this humanity?

Such is human nature I guess...

The search for the 'it' continues...

If I ever visit your Lebanon I want to see that nail.


Jeha said...

You may have a point, but; "Il n'est pas necessaire d'esperer pour entreprendre, ni de reussir pour perseverer..."