Monday, May 07, 2007

Spare the Monkey

Spare a thought for Sand Monkey; he hung up his keffieh in part to avoid getting himself and those he cares about in hotter water.

Let us hope they all stay safe in those “interesting” times.

Spare a prayer for Alaa Abd El-Fatah, Zouhair Yahyaoui, and countless other Arab bloggers who were trying to inform the world as to the true nature of our countries. It is not over, even when they’re out of jail; Zouhair paid his courage with his life, released from prison after much mistreatments, and Tunezine is now silent. Countless others have risen and will continue to rise.

Western Civilization, eh?

Before the leaders of the "Free World" go on to meet those “leaders” of ours, spare a few thoughts for those of us who try and exercise that most basic of human rights; staying safe while trying to taste the fruits of freedom.

Should the "Free World" forget them and continue to sustain or harbour the enemies of our freedom, then the "Free World" better change its name

... And the "Free World" can then learn to accept its sorry fate, as more 9/11’s are visited upon them; the more you give in to authoritarian fanatics, the more they want. Those who need to be convinced of this truth will never understand it.

For them, an Ostrich might as well replace that American bald eagle.

For Arab bloggers who try to remain anonymous, it is getting harder to do so by the day. In Lebanon, some subtle changes appeared lately; it may be that the leash is getting ever tighter, and would have been more so were it not for the diverging agendas of the country's rival services.

The “New Middle East” looks eerily familiar, far too much like the old; Condy Rice's “birth pangs” may actually prove to be the pains that herald the agony of a dream as history's second chance fades away...

Maybe Gandhi was right, after all; Western Civilization remains a good idea whose time has yet to come. In the meantime, as leaders of the "Free World" placate and hesitate, extremists of all stripes are gaining ground in the Middle East. Expect more real bombs, more fake indignations, and little real change.


ghassan karam said...

Responsible government and effective democracy demand a free press. A free press works diligently on behalf of the citizens to uncover wrong doings and keep politicians honest. It is a sad day when journalists do not feel secure enough to use their own name as a by line to the stories that they file. But again I am not in agreement with those that blame others for our lack of freedom. If we truly and honestly want freedom then we as a people will act free. If we value freedom then we will demand it without waiting for others to give it to us. Freedom cannot be given it has to be lived. Unfortunately we act in a very shameful manner when we allow our corrupt regimes to go on exploiting and terrorizing us. Unfortunately we do not deserve the sacrifices of these courageous individuals especially when we neglect to stand by them. When we do not show our disapproval of mistreatment of those that seek freedom we in effect become our own jailers. Gibran put it best when he said:
"How can a tyrant rule the free and the proud, but for a tyranny in their own freedom and a shame in their own pride?".

Anonymous said...

Small people with very small income are just talking and then have to face the broken bottle. All this while "angry Arab" and others like him are doing so well economicaly, socialy and academicaly while spreading hate and discord in the USA blog land, protected by the system they are wrecking every day. It is a crazy world, realy.

Shirin said...

Freedom is one of those words that have many meanings depending on what aspects you relate to. In my point of view one should do things he believes are right and if the cause is a noble cause he will have followers who will support him and help him win his freedom.