Thursday, August 09, 2007

Country Code: 666 ?

Just like Qasimodo discovering his hump, the Lebanese government discovers what we all knew all along; that Hezb is setting up their own phone infrastructure.

Alas, I fear this hunchback is no Lagardère. The hump is no disguise, it’s a feature. Not withstanding the inherent limitations of our current system, this may well be a permanent side-effect of the spinelessness of those who claim March 14th

No Wonder Aoun is Still Popular

At least, while his trouble-making not make him president, it may have ensured that the presidency did not fall to Poodles

But this is already pushing the limits of the country; Aoun’s head is too far up the sand for him to see past the 400 or so voters that “won” him the last election. As far as the Tayyar’s luminaries understand, the fact Hezb are re-setting up their own infrastructure does not mean they are setting up their own country.

Maybe he’s hoping they allow him to keep a little Shtetl somewhere in their domain, so he behaves. In this, he may have a point; Hezb is not setting up their country as much as expanding it; Hezbollaland, part deux?

Péter Plus Haut Que Son Cul

I fear all this ignores the lessons of history, in whose dustbin we find all those who have attempted to reach beyond their limits… In the case of Lebanon, this means that no single community can be bigger than the country; all those who forgot it paid dearly.

Since we know that Hezb’s followers are rather smart people, they must have other plans than a mere power play within the context of Lebanon. Maybe they think they can learn from some other schemes… Or maybe they have some different data, unavailable to mere kiffars.

However, in the larger regional context of the American-Iranian cold war, things will come to a head in Lebanon. Far too many people have no interest in the success of this real estate venture

And when they do, we’ll have some logistics to worry about; to call country code 666 from Lebanon, is that going to be long distance or local?


Pazuzu said...

actually from what I know From Shiia from Baalbeck, this parallel cell phone system is not new at all, I had heard about it during the July war 2006. A friend of mine was explaining how the Hezbollah officials (at least highly ranked ones) had phone lines that were not alpha and were not mtc. And this guy was presenting that fact as an argument to why the Israelis were consistently failing to tract Hezbollah officials, because they were unable to hack or spy on their conversations, while everyone else attributed this failure to the Hezb's lack of organization, many talked about Hezbollah being mainly composed of small detached groups that had little or no connection, so there were no web to be discovered and de-activated. Personally, I never believed that Hezbollah had little organization but I also found it hard to believe that Hezbollah can actually establish a whole independent infrastructure!

Now that the infrastructure has been discovered, everyone's saying: See, I told you so! I knew it all along!

But in fact, very few people suspected such a sophisticated network. I had only heard it from one single person.

What is intriguing me is the fact that they had to resort to making their own infrastructure all together... Of course, all the anti-hezbollah people that I know say that Syria and Iran are behind this, be it financially or technologically. While I do believe that Iran could/would and probably did help out by all means. I found it absurd for Hezbollah to take Syria's help in this. First of all, Syria is not really anyone's ally, it would sell Hezbollah without hesitation if it is given any reason to, if anyone knows that fact it would be Hezbollah. In addition, IF Syria would help, why didn't it connect the network to its own, thus controlling and monitoring the network whenever it needs to.

Now let's say Syria didn't help and only showed permissiveness. As I believe was the case with both Syria and the Lebanese power at the time. Why did Syria allow it? If it has no control over it, then I doubt that a totalitarian regime would allow any "group" in Lebanon to get any sort of dominance on the Lebanese scene. It never happened and it never will!

Ok another question in a totally different direction. Of course the government must've had an idea of what was going on. So exposing this network now probably has a purpose. And especially the emphasis on the fact that these network are spread mostly in Beqaa valley, could it be that the army is at the moment stronger? (supported by the masses and with more or less new weapons). Could this be a message delivered under the table to Hezbollah because it's somehow helping Fateh al Islam terrorists under the table? I don't know, the FM and the Amal/Hezbollah have been working on appeasing the Sunni/Shiia confrontation, taking advantage of the Christian/Christian "fun", I don't see why would the government provoke hezbollah like that?

ghassan karam said...

Ha is playing for keeps. They have managed to expand over the past quarter of a century as to occupy 1/4 of the country. They sure have learned well from their enemies.
Their task to expand and expand has been made that much easier by (1) unsuspecting others (2) weak central government (3) high price of oil (4) Bashars machinations (5) contrived crisis to encourage all others, including Shia who are not HA sympathisers, to make more room available and last but not least (6) to play the numbers game, (human numbers that is).
And yet the Saniora government hears no evil, sees no evil, speaks no evil. It is the biggest accomplice in its own demise. But that is to be expected when the Annus rules. (Tnx for reminding us about that one Jeha LOL).

Anonymous said...

Watch the Lebanese forces bringing SYRIANS to vote for Amine Gemayel:

Blacksmith Jade said...

Ah Jeha... always, succinctly penetrating and entertaining.

Good seeing you around again :)

ken said...

What, you all thought the "divine victory," referred only to Israel?


Throw away your razors and iPods Lebanon!

Anonymous said...

Who paid for this. Some people here are technical people. Bring two or three converters, one 2-3 inch piece of optical fiber. Two three pieces of wood from the wheel. I will tell you who produced and when it was delivered. There are less than 50 optical fiber manufacturers in the World. This was a major transpotation job. Where was it unloaded? who paid customs? It is crazy and unbelivable.

ghassan karam said...

Anon 14:03
I do not believe for a moment that the majority of the activities undertaken by HA are done without the governments' knowledge, including the rearmament. Unfortunately Lebanon is blessed with an incompetent cabinet that does not have the strength of character to stand up for Lebanon. Add to that the totally useless and irresponsible media and that explains why HA and others can do one outrageous thing after another without having to worry about serious opposition or backlash. Silence is acquiescence.

Anonymous said...

What is the problem?
You seem surprised to discover that HA is ready to face any zionist agression...
Until there is a government ready/willing to defend the country from agression and occupation no one can blame the people to assemble and defend themselves.
God bless the lebanese resistance!

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:37
If you are not a Trol. Nothing here is about resistance. The Zionists can not digest Pal. that got stuck in their gullet, what will they do with Lebanon or part of it? The last Army to occupy Leb. is the Syrian army which is building camps fortifications and bases on Leb. soil at this very moment. The talk about optical fibers is about communication system of the allien military bases that the Persian and the Syrians built on the stolen 4% of Lebanon. Who is saying a word about resistance, agression and occupation when Leb. citizens can not move freely in these stolen 4%.