Friday, September 07, 2007

Bloddy Obvious...

Human Rights Watch has been making an effort to inform us about what happened last summer. Rather than focusing on the media’s performance in this war, it has decided to restate the obvious; it appears the July war was bloody.

Targeting Civilians? Really?

First, we discover that Hezb attacked civilians, by firing rockets “indiscriminately at targets with no clear military significance, many apparently aimed at civilian areas in northern Israel, killing at least 39 civilians”. Apparently, the “fact that more Israeli civilians didn’t die is not a tribute to Hezbollah but a tribute to Israeli bomb shelters”.

One can understand the government’s desire to have their cake and eat it too, but Hezb can hire their own lawyers... it is not clear why Hezb was upset; the accuracy of their rocket’s guidance systems was not in question, and the efficacy of their command structure needs little proving.

From a purely tactical standpoint, HezboLand appears safe

…In which case the election would not be the main attraction

Then, we Lebanese bloggers have been receiving emails from Human Rights Watch informing us about another report that describes how “Israel wrongfully acted as if all civilians had heeded its warnings to evacuate southern Lebanon when it knew they had not, disregarding its continuing legal duty to distinguish between military targets and civilians”.

No doubt this report shall meet some negative reactions, especially that the report clearly “refutes the argument made by Israeli officials that most of the Lebanese civilian casualties” were because they were used as “human shields” ... What a shocker!

So Israel is just like other countries in the region, realpolitik and all. On the plus side, Israel's American technology is still as accurate as ever, though the overcast remains “cloudy”.

So, from a purely tactical perspective, Israel still rules the roost.

…So, who’s up for seconds?

…Enter La Palice

It is amazing how much ink is being wasted on obvious or irrelevant facts… Yes they targeted civilians. More to the point, in ethnic conflicts;

They ALL target civilians!

We Lebanese have long been choice targets of our neighbours’ ire, and for all our travails, we count among the lucky few; others have seen far worse, and far bloodier.

Even before Guernica, the “rules of war” have been violated on a an ever grander scale by various warring parties… More accurately; they have all been following the ever evolving real rules of war… With the increase in “weapon productivity”, the artisanal methods of the Assassins are far behind us; the targeting civilians on a massive scale is now routine, be it by militias, terrorists, or armies…

The “progress” is not straight forward; the Armenian Genocide dragged on, the gases at Ypres backfired, the rapes of Nanking and Berlin were still labour intensive, but the way forward was demonstrated during “innovations” developed during “Operation Gomorrah”, and perfected by the use of “Fat Man” and “Little Boy”.

The civilians of the industrial age should consider themselves lucky;

They are still alive, minutes before they were butchered

So move over, La Palice

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