Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bomb Lebanon!

We know who killed MP Ghanem, and why. What else can I add to what’s been written? How can one convince the mentally challenged who still think Syria could not have done it?

Why bother? Let’s just take their “side” for a while:

Times have changed,

People are getting worse,

They won't obey their rulers,

They stand up to us and curse!

Should we blame incompetence?

Or reform society?

Or stop putting up morons on TV?

No, Bomb Lebanon, Bomb Lebanon!

With all their freedom-hungry eyes,

And their refusal to buy our lies,

Bomb Lebanon, Bomb Lebanon,

We need to form a full assault,

It's Lebanon's own fault!

They won’t help me,

For my stunted growth,

They slowed my juicy rackets,

And now they’re off to get my head!

That Lebanese pol once,

Had my picture on his self,

Now stands up and tells me to fuck myself!

Well, Bomb Lebanon, Bomb Lebanon!

It seems that everything's gone wrong,

Since March 14th came along,

Bomb Lebanon, Bomb Lebanon,

They're not even a real country anymore,

Who needs a doctor or a lawyer learned and true,

When rage boys’re ready to bray on cue,

What can we tell the masses?

Should we fix the system?

Or undertake the reforms for progress?

Heck no! Bomb Lebanon, Bomb Lebanon,

With all their Cedar hullabaloo,

And that bitch Haifa too,

Bomb Lebanon, Shame on Lebanon...


The smut we must stop,

The hope we must bash,

The Laughter and fun,

Must all be undone,

We must Bomb them and cause a fuss,

Before somebody thinks of bombing us!!!!


Roman Kalik said...

Good poem, man, and I'm sorry to hear about the assassination. This doesn't bode well for Lebanon.

Blacksmith Jade said...

Well done Jeha!