Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hasta Mañana...

Football was a gentlemen’s game played by hoodlums until one day, in Rugby, England, some players deviated from the rules of the “beautiful game” so much, that the other side had little option but to “play along”… As the old rules were broken, new ones were created, and the game of Rugby was created; a hoodlums’ game played by gentlemen.


In Lebanon, the repentiti who dominate our democracy do not all play by its rules and some are even moving beyond the “rules” of the past civil war. As the assassinations go on, the other “side” will one day decide to play along as well, and a new “game” will emerge.

On one hand are the Syrians and Iranians who have too much at stake to let their lackeys off the hook, and the Americans who desperately need a measure of local success to show for all their troubles in Iraq.

On the other hand are the Europeans who are afraid for its poorly protected peacekeepers, the Saudis who long for their oil outlet and their Levantine Riviera.

Ghanem would have been an ideal candidate; he could have been presented as “compromise” that surrenders nothing from March 14th, but against whom Syria and Iran’s lackeys could not easily object. A proposal they could only refuse at the expense of “plausible deniability”…

Playing Chicken?

Under the current conditions, any compromise by one side will be surrender to the other.

And any straight refusal could lead to confrontation, for which they are all still not fully prepared. So they all temporize and buy time, hoping that either conditions will change to their advantage, or that the other side will “blink first”.

Since this all comes to a head in the presidential elections, they are likely to keep postponing the reckoning. For now, the repentiti appear determined to postpone the inevitable. By the formal rules of the democratic game, they can postpone till November. Chances are that they will.

So, , we'll remain on the business end of it all, and between now and November;



ghassan karam said...

This wonderful post brings two images to mind:

(1) The captain and the crew of the Titanic can rearrange the chairs on the deck as many times as they want but eventually the ship will go down with all its occupants.

(2) An engineer on a runaway train must pull the emergency brake before the point of no return is reached. Even then most of the occupants will suffer.

PS. The depiction of procrastinators by an empty picture frame is priceless.

Jeha said...

Not a bad image; This brings to mind "the band played on"... Different songs, same ignorance; we forget nothing, yet we learn nothing.

Anonymous said...

Jeha, the interest of equal time.