Monday, September 10, 2007

Hearsay v. Hearsay...

Are Hezbo training their allies, setting up small units that could back them up in the case of a civil war?

High on the heels of news of Hezb-0-Canton, Hezb-0-Roads, Hezb-0-Demands, the story sounds believable.

The OSS?

But Lebanon is not occupied Europe, and this “national opposition” is far from the Maquis.

It is true that those who claim March 14th are spineless, with a proclivity to bend to blackmail, and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The government is similarly disposed, trying to please opponents at the detriment of their own supporters.

This may be an unduly harsh judgement. Still, the fact remains that this weakness is enforced by rudderless leadership. It is not systemic.

In this “cold civil war”, the current government does have support among most Lebanese, and can benefit form the growing antipathy to Hezb in addition to his own strong supporters. Even if there was a Hezb-OSS, it would have to contend with the fact that their “resistance” cells will also be faced with similar small units from the government’s “side”, dis-organized as they are.

True, the security forces are divided. But this would only mean that, depending on the regions, security forces loyal to a given “side” can count on the help of the locals "social clubs" affiliated to their side to watch the other side.

What a "khoriatiki"

Tempest in the Sand Box

The sauce is already in, the source for the news appears to be Geagea, who would only accusing those who had previously accused him of training his old militia of doing just that.

It does sound like children bickering, but there is more to it.

On the heels of his street victory in Kesrouan in January, and his powerful electoral performance in the Metn, Geagea could simply be informing his Christian opponents and rivals that he is “watching them”.

And they know what befits those Geagea watches…

But the feact remains that he was not alone back then

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