Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What the ... Timing?

Lebanese labs may have made a breakthrough in DNA testing… Or there is something “off” with the way the testing was conducted in Lebanon.

Absi’s brother keeps insisting that “these people don't know how to carry out DNA tests, it's wrong, my brother is dead". Not to put much stock in the rants of a fanatic; it is always suspicious when "loved ones" insist the guy's dead, but the timing of the testing raises some quesions.


This was best raised in a comment to Abu Kais’ latest post, Ghassan pointed out that since the body in question, “A16, was taken to the morgue in Tripoli on 9/2/2007”, specimen were not ready for the testing until say 9/4/2007” in the best of cases.

Ghassan had checked many labs, who clearly state that the testing should have taken about 7 to 10 days, which means the results would have been published no sooner than 9/14/2007.

However, after the first tests that were carried out, discrepancies were reported on 9/6/2007. The announcement of the need to repeat the tests was then made on 9/7/2007. The second "results were announced on 9/10/2007”, which means that the Lebanese testing “might have been concluded on 9/9/2007”.

So the tests carried out in Lebanon took less than 5 days; the first cycle took 2 days, and the second cycle took 3 days.

What gives?

...And if it pans out, how can we invest in this company?


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Bad Vilbel said...

I'll tell you what gives: We Lebanese, in our ingeniousness (is that a real word?) have come up with a better and faster way to test DNA than all those fancy ass CSI labs in the US and the West.

This is probably the same mental superiority that's enabled us to look down upon other Arabs, people from India or Pakistan, or Africa. Because, as you know, we're better and smarter than everyone else!

(Now if someone can explain to me how this country of geniuses has managed to be one of the most failed countries in the world, over the past 60+ years...)

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Hazbani thinking.
It seems to be chemistry week. You good and very learned people are studying the fine points of applied biochemistry, RNA, DNA and all the enzymes needed. The Syrians who were once experimenting in explosive chemicals in Lebanon were doing, this week, some intresting chemical experiments in the desert, or preparing for such experiments surely making the desert bloom in a Syrian way, like Nevada deserts of the USA, perhaps?. Then, this week, came some flying Israeli chemists and made some experiments of their own on top of the Syrian experimental laboratories which some say resulted in a big hole in the big desert. Please remember that prior to the sex-President Israel have had two chemists for Presidents. The first one was a noted war materials chemists as well as worker in organic and proto-biochemistry. The second one was also involved both in the chemistry of war materials and in the biochemisrty of enzymes and reactions rate and kinetics. This brings us back to Lebanon, RNA, DNA, enzymes time of reactions and the rest. It was said before that science will bring peace and prosperity to the ME and as you see it realy does.