Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yellow Rose of Downtown

It may be a Lebanese tradition to give patriotic and traditional Lebanese songs quite a workout over a few beers. But there’s no reason Lebanese culture should be the only to suffer, the Great Satan’s culture is worthy of our attention.

So, without further ado (oops), and with apologies to J. K., and thanks to our good distiller friend in whom the spirit of Jaber Bin Hayyan lives on, we dedicate this (appropriately?) civil war song to the downtown protests. As politicians make conciliatory (or surrender) sounds, they may find an exit to this failed coup attempt by mismatched partners. They hoped they could leverage Hezb’s successes, but the display has now outlived its usefulness.

Either way, it’s a goner

Too much of a good thing, I guess…

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There's a yellow rose in Downtown, that I am going to see,

Nobody else could miss her, she was as mad as can be.

She wanted Fouad a’goner, it like to broke my heart,

But if I ever find her, we nevermore will part.

She's the sweetest little rosebud that Beirut ever knew,

Her head is lost in slogans, she’s deceived by a few,

You may talk about Abdo, how he missed his Ghandouree,

But the yellow rose of Downtown was the only girl for me.

When the traffic is slowing, the starry skies alight,

She walked along the highway in the noisy summer night:

I know that she remembers, when we parted long ago,

They promised her pure money, that she’ll never leave so,

She's the sweetest little rosebud this raghead ever knew,

But her mind was gone in slogans; she’s been around a few

You may talk about dear Haifa, and sing of lil’ Nancy,

But the yellow rose of Downtown’ sings quite a melody,

She's the sweetest rose of colour, this raghead ever knew

Her eyes are bright as diamonds, they sparkle like the dew

You may talk about Haifa, or Star Academy,

But the yellow rose of Downtown, beats the belles of LBC

Oh now I'm going to miss her, for my heart is full of woe,

For we could have sung together, but we parted long ago,

We'll demonstrated once gaily, with the slogans of yore,

But the yellow rose’s dreams, to her matter more,

For all her soft appearance, for all her sweet perfume,

Her sparkle is just a façade, for those who’ve look in deep,

They are skulking somewhere, wishing they never peered so,

So tired of her vanity, they’re glad to see her go,

Our countries torn and bloody, my heart if full of woe,

I'm going back to the cellar, to find my old AK,

For all of your Merkavas, and of your UNIFIL,

The gallant Hood of Dahyeh, he played hell in Bint Jbail.

Oh now they’re going for me, for my heart is full of woe,

And we'll shoot at one another, as we did so long ago,

We'll play the killing gaily, and we'll cry the hate of yore,

And many roses from Beirut, shall be gone forevermore.

Pirromount's Creepy Puppets - Yellow Rose Of Texas - Click here for another funny movie.


ghassan karam said...

Jeha, that was priceless.

(You should have seen the smile on my face. It also so happened that Shankleash played the set up man for all this levity through his post on B2B)

Anonymous said...

Very funny stuff.

PS. It's "without further ADO" (after Shakespeare), not "without further adieu", as stupid Americans say.
You know French so you should have realized that "without further adieu" does not make sense

Jeha said...

Sam: What part of "take a hike" don't you understand? Though I want to keep this blog open, I will keep deleting your "comments" not because you keep insisting on thanking "Syria for helping the Lebanese army" against FAS "sunni scum", but more simply because my "special conception of democracy" cannot allow me to tolerate those like you who insult others, as shown by your previous comments. The little threats you sent me earlier were not appreciated either.