Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chapter 7 Elections?

This has been an odd few weeks in Lebanon... No, I am not talking about all the political "noise"; the local marionette act, for all the high profile talks, remains largely irrelevant.

Fath Al-Roumieh?

I am talking about the (odder than usual) rumours that circulate around of a failed escape from the Roumieh Jail.

It appears the terrorists and terror suspects holed up there, have been plotting some "great escape", with "tools" provided by their colleagues over at Fath Al-Sukleen, and some other remaining "friends" still infiltrated in the armed forces... This may explain some demos about prisoners rights that were seen in Tripoli earlier; it appears the Lebanese Security Forces were a wee bit too harsh when they discovered the plot... So they may have cracked a few skulls, and worse, shaved a few beards.

The fact remains that the Lebanese "justice" sytem is a double oxymoron; there is little justice, and not much of a system. So while our local police brutality still pales in comparison with the competition, and while the danger is far more "tangible" than mere "insults to the state", the fact remains that there are few innocent bystanders who do linger there.

So the truth of this particular matter may remain elusive, much like Abou-WhozUrDaddy's escape...

Fath Al-UN?

Another odd story that lingers around is the one about Joumblat's real motivation in his trip; to try and "sell" a Chapter 7 UNSC resolution that will force the Lebanese to gather around for a vote. I would not this gamble past him, or any other Lebanese politician... The reason is simple; with so much sense of their self-worth, it is easy for the foreign powers to manipulate our politicos, by buying Lebanese politicians for what they’re worth, and selling them for what they think they’re worth
The danger is not that it may happen, and not that Joumblat or Hariri keep trying to sell Ghattas Khoury... If they really think he would make an ideal president, they have another "Aoun" coming... The danger is that those policos forget that, all the current attention our country is getting is only circumstancial, related to great power politics. In the grand scheme of things, Lebanon is a relatively insignificant small country.

No wonder this place is a mess; it's not a country, it's a souk...

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ghassan karam said...

Is it possible that Walid Jumblatt would consent to a Lebanese Presidential elections that is held under chapter 7 of the UNSC? I imagine that everything is possible but many things are very highly improbable. The fact that Mr. Jumblatt was in NYC and that the UN is headquartered in NYC does not lend this idea any credibility. Lebanon is rife with silly meaningless rumours and this one tops them all. Has anybody explained how does a visit to the UN HQ translate into passing a chapter 7 resolution regarding the presidential elections in Lebanon? Does anybody think that the UN ambassadors of the SC member countries have the authority to cast any vote that they want? When was the last time that the UN used chapter seven to hold elections in any country? And finally why in the wotld would any Lebanese be interested in having the UN determine their domestic elections. There are some things that we are supposed to do on our own, if we cannot elect a president without getting the whole world involved in our affairs then maybe we should rethink whether there is any need for the country.Is a country that has shown no interest in ruling itself or in its own sovereignty an entity that should be preserved or is that the ultimate proof that it has become totally irrelevant?
I view the Jumblatt story with as much credibility as the expectation that the atoms in a handful of ash can reconstitute themselves to become a lump of coal again.