Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shorty Doesn't Get it

Watching Kouchner’s last night was so entertaining.

There was nothing good on the Comedy Channel last night, so I watched the news with my friends, just in time to see Kouchner’s Jumping up and down and giving his best schoolmaster imitation, lecturing those MP's of ours about their duties and obligations…
He reminded us of some of those pedantic teachers of old.

Rosa rosa rosam...

... You know the type, trying to tell the cancre(s)-de-service that he better shape up and face the music. All the while, the kid(s) would be listening with a wry smile, assured that Daddy would call the school’s headmaster to remind him about the real rules of the game.

Oh, how we used to pity those failures! We were sure that, when they grew up, Big Daddy won’t be around to take care of them… Or Big Daddy may not be so big for long.
Better follow the example of our parents, and work hard to earn our grade.
Oh, how we were wrong…

... Rosae rosae rosa...

Yes. Dead wrong; The meek will not inherit this world, and I am not sure about the rest. In today’s Lebanon, the bottom of the keg now rules the roost; those kids have grown to become president, ministers… even MP’s. It seems that Big Daddy’s reach, properly “leveraged”, will trump all the hard work in the world.

No wonder they are happy to do nothing; this is what they were taught to do. No wonder our MP’s once again shirked their responsibilities

... Rosae rosae rosas...

Then again, in the present context, this may not prove to be so bad…

The risk remains that they will take the easy way out and vote for Michel Eddeh; he's quite a Cordon Bleu, and Lebanese cuisine will see further improvements… But little else will. Then again, the possibility remains that common sense may still win the day. How? Consider the following constitutional equation;

A = Last September. Berri has issued his convocation to the Parliament to vote for the President.

B = After this Friday 23rd, The Parliament will become effectively an electoral assembly.

A + B = As an electoral assembly, the Parliament’s sole purpose is to elect a President. Having been already convened for that purpose, and it can convene anytime, anywhere to vote.
... Smart guy, that Berri, shirking his responsibilities to March 8th without appearing to do so

Rosarum rosis rosis!

So Ban, Kouchner, Moussa, and all the headmasters in the world can jump up and down all they want, the MP's are waiting for instructions from their Sugar Daddies… Which goes to say that, in this game, the only thing you need to know;

Who’s your Daddy?

When is he gonna call?

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ghassan karam said...

It looks to me that HA and its allies are the ones who are in a position to copy Arnold and yell at March 14: Now tell me who is your Daddy and , in my worst night mare, all the clueless March 14 pols say meakly you are".