Wednesday, January 23, 2008

eBay's BodyShop

It’s always fun to catch up with old friends, as they come back to visit the “old country”. You get in the old familiar spat of how much they’ve grown, and how much you’ve aged.

... For Auld Lang Syne

And, as you reminisce about the good old times, you cannot help but go back to the politics of old… In a get-together with friends and friends of friends, we had fun reminiscing about the past. We seem to all have gone in three phases.

In a first phase, back in more innocent times, we had easily banded together against the odd playground bully, permanently inducting a few apprenti dictator into the Vienna Boys’ Choir…

But as we grew up, we entered a second phase and started thinking about more “important” issues. It is then that our good judgment started slipping away, and rather then dispatching them to their maker, we started flocking around any bully who was smart enough to wave a flag. The mistakes took their toll on the group, and we only learned our lesson by attrition, as most “grew up” and moved on, while others did not survive.

In a third phase


We’re still working on it.


Rather than moving on to Phase 3, maybe we're set for a repeat of Phase 2... While most of us grew up and moved on, but quite a few “irredentists” remain, still faithful to the same vacuous slogans and empty promises. I find it striking that, whenever their faith meets facts, they simply ignore them, or expend considerable mental capacity in side-stepping reality. Maybe they have too much mental capital invested in this impasse to turn around and move away from the precipice. Or maybe they have a different outlook on life…

But I am quite sure they are wrong.

However, as the country gears up for another round, I am sure many stand ready to herd the next generation of fodder towards the gathering cannons. And while each still thinks their “side” can win, I am convinced that all will loose. Then again, all have already lost; in their fight for control of the country, they may have destroyed it, with nary a single shot fired… Were it not the own-goal aspects, Sun-Tzu would have been impressed.

Maybe they will recoup their losses by trading body parts on e-Bay.

… The thing is, aside the obvious potential repercussions, with the supply of imports running out, suppliers will soon have to find domestic sources.

So, to paraphrase Fubar

Got Guns?

And if so… Need Ammo?

… More on that later



frenchy said...

tough you would talk about that disgusting ebay item ...

Jeha said...

The "Marchands du Temple" you're referring to are no the only ones who provide opium for the measses; politicians do as well. And the worse kind are those who mix politics and religion. Their opium is far more potent, and their effect deadlier.

To be sure, religion will always try to mix with politics to a certain extent. I feel that finding the right mix might prove to be an ever elusive search. But that does not mean we should give up, as there are alternatives. Without throwing the baby with the bath water, the mere fact of the universality of some moral principles claimed by religion hints at the presence of some deeper presence of "the right values" in the human mind... Even if for the "wrong reasons". Personally, I have few illusions about all this talk of an elusive "dialogue of religions". Worse, it risks distracting us away from the growing threat of religious encroachment on politics. This is what allows many of those "Temple Merchants" to graduate from settling trinkets to trading body parts...

And when the supply runs out, one shudders to think how they will resupply?