Friday, January 25, 2008

Michel, Fares, and the Bomb

Ah, those Michel’s ….

Yesterday, Michel (Aoun) wanted to strike, but he could not because Michel (Murr) opposed it. Maybe Michel (Murr) was upset with Michel’s (Aoun) effective scuttling of the election of Michel (Suleiman) to the presidency, and election he was strongly backing… And one the country desperately needs.

The strike was only effective in areas controlled by his Hezb “allies”, they happen to think they’re Mikho'il, and they have the arguments to convince you. But they have been blocking the presidential election, in line with Syria’s demands and in coordination with Michel (Aoun). But for all Syria’s hold over him, that did not endear them to Michel (Murr), who strongly supports Michel’s (Suleiman) bid to the presidency. Add to that the fact that neither are they the only ones with strong arguments anymore, nor are they the only ones who claim to be Mikho'il, and you see how the strike could only be marginal.

So they called for a strike, but no one came

It is still far too premature to read into this any defeat to Hezb’LA. But it shows the true limitations in the present Lebanese context, where no single group can hope to force his agenda on all the others, no matter how powerful their hold over “their” community.

Striking words…

The most striking is Michel’s (Murr) opposition to Hezb’LA and Michel’s (Aoun) little strike.

"Speaking as a Christian, the Arab initiative gives the president the swing vote in Cabinet, a right the Taif Accord [which ended the 1975-1990 Civil War] did not," Murr said. "What more could we as Christians ask for than this initiative?"

Asked for his view of Aoun's ultimatum that the opposition be granted a third plus one of posts in a national unity government or take to the streets in protest, Murr said: "Not the streets of Metn. The people of Metn do not express their opinions through demonstrations ... There is an initiative for the benefit of the Christians. Do we answer it by taking to the street?"

Murr added that anyone who disagrees with him on this point does not have Lebanon's best interest at heart.

… Et tu, Brute?

Michel’s (Murr) Reasons were unclear as I was posting this…

Was the wily Michel (Murr) was really able to drift away from Syria’s orbit on this one? His own Son is still in the government that the Syrians are so desperate to see out of power…

Or is it just as possible that the Syrians were giving their former lackey some leeway? This strike could still have had an impact. However, it fizzled mostly because Hezb’IL kept his stormstruppen and their accompanying ninjas at bay, maybe in reserve for another day.

Then Came Syria’s Answer…

Never to disappoint us in their brutality, the Assad clan soon responded. It makes it all clear why they did not worry too much about Michel’s (Murr) little spat with Michel (Aoun); they had in mind Michel (Suleiman).

More accurately, many of the good men one would rely on to build a country. Which is increasingly unlikely in this Lebanon, as the election gets more and more postponed by their mailbox. The Syrians even dropped all pretence last time Moussa paid them a visit, when they “proposed” Fares Boueiz for the presidency…

I guess a President (k)Hrawi part deux is just what the Doctor orders around. And I guess this means the Syrians will only leave us in peace when Hell freezes over… So there’s hope, the way things are going.

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R said...

One problem is that this has become all too predictable... A failed initiative here, newspaper leaks about Syrian conditions, raised rhetoric there, a vehement verbal offensive by the opposition, attempts to escalate on the streets, and if all else fails BOOM - someone pays with their life and innocents die in the process.

I would call for anger and indignation but if even someone like me who doesn't live in Lebanon at the moment can't muster up the anger and the indignation, only frustration and sorrow... I am frustrated with us, the people of Lebanon and with our 's'elected leaders, who cannot and will not stand up for one another in the face of a cold-blooded campaign of merciless intimidation, blackmail and fiery death... /rant