Monday, January 28, 2008

Night of the Long Shots

Once again, Ain El-Remmaneh flares up… Well, almost.

Yesterday, when some fine lads decided to block the street with burning tires, a few persons died. It was not the fumes who got them, just some stray bullets that were fired in the air…

Or Through the Air?

As in, like… horizontally... Either way, a few things were clear; Hezb does not have exclusivity anymore.

1- No exclusivity over the country’s thugs. Not since last January… Yes, they may have the most formidable fighting force, but the conditions of civil strife are different. When such chaos ensues, the coming flood will wipe us all. All of us. First, the layout of the country will ensure that no winner will emerge from within the country’s borders. Second, since regional interests have changed, and the current sectarian divide will ensure that it will not be limited to just Lebanon.

2- No exclusivity over indignation. Yes, there will be much indignation over yesterday’s assassinations (what else?), but the grief is shared across the board. And Hezb showed poor judgement by their show of force so soon after the assassination of a key policeman. They also showed a dangerous arrogance by placing their goons close to such a sensitive “border”. Even if they believe their own crapola, and if the Evil Zionist Empire had really committed all those crimes, why not go to “Fatima’s Gate”? Pollute another country for a change.

3- No exclusivity over excuses/reasons to be pissed off. That power cuts were the reason for their ire is disingenuous at best; not has the nation’s electricity has been their playground for the past 15 years, but all of us suffer through its incompetence equally. In Lebanon, government incompetence is equal opportunity.

Since it’s too much too ask to help build a normal country that could invest in technologies that can help, expect more power cuts, and more expensive “generator bills”… And more thugs.

Lucky for us, this time, they all missed the bus.

But I doubt the wise leaders of both “sides” learned their lesson in the current standoff. And, as they keep pushing on those sectarian buttons, sooner or later, the accumulated stress will reach the breaking point.

For now, they have managed to stay “just a little bit pregnant”…

But it won’t last long…

No one can be sure as to “what now”, since it increasingly appears that we’re moving beyond the election. But one fact should give us pause; after the shootings, the second “wave” went into Ain El-Remmaneh “unopposed”. This ensured that a little anti-Christian pogrom could ensue.

Last time something like this happened, it saw the “formalization” of an alliance between Aoun and Hassan to pave the general’s path to Baabda.

And this time?


Anonymous said...

Hazbani asking.
Why are you are sending the body parts vendors to the Israeli border? As you in one of your later blogs predicated (I think that I am not wrong )they are already producing them at home, save foreign currency and transportation and also at home the production cost seems to be imposed on one side only. Persians are good at calculating coasts so I do not think they will take your advice now, perhaps later when they will realy need to enlarge this business and the big A machine will be ready.

Jeha said...


I am just reminding my (few) readers of our sad and shameful history...

Last time some demagogue decided he was going to liberate Jerusalem from the Jews, they started towards the North, from Ain El-Remmaneh to Jounieh. Since the "City of Peace" was actually to the South, the whole enterprise did not work, though that particular demaguoge lied his way to as close as Ramallah, and maybe even Abu Dis. With that in mind, I am just suggesting that, since the ultimate goal of Hezb is the destruction of Israel, why start burning Beyrouth, again?

So, all those itching for a fight, why wouldn't their Messiah-wannabe lead them to where the action is supposed to be, and try to liberate the lands that are actually occupied?