Wednesday, January 02, 2008


As I heard the news of the mini-pitched battle in Basta, I could not help but recall those words; “It is with rattles that one leads men”. So said Napoleon when he was signing the decree of the creation of France’s Legion of Honour.

Humans did not really evolve from those days of the great Napoleonic wars; it took Europe quite a few more wars, and the resources of entire continents to learn the futility of zero-sum pursuits.

Then again, the Europeans may even recede; for all their proclaimed good will, they tend to forgive by forgetting, delaying, or obfuscating. Maybe it’s because they have much to forget, and to forgive themselves for

But I digress…


So back to Lebanon; while some party to welcome the new year, others are still stuck with ancient stupid traditions, willing to sacrifice life and limb over a poster.

Didn't God sent a few memos about that?

Yes, we have learned much, but a nation cannot be greater than the sum of its parts. And now, those who learned left while most those who forgot remained, and all this boozing in Gemmayzeh does not appear to help their (upstairs) brain much...

So, with all this misdirected testosterone, it is no wonder that we’re repeating the mistakes of the past, under the wise guidance of the same gang of idiots who brilliantly lead us so far and so deep.

There were days when battles were fought over something as trivial as a game of marbles (real ones, not what Aoun lost)… Back then; it was all a game, anyway...

But at least, marbles can be fun. Now all Lebanese are following the lead of the Syed and his flock, and moving into the metaphysical realm; having deified (syedified?) mere hair-splitting mortals who lord it over us, but kiss the hand of foreign potentates (plus ca change...), we then tried our hand at cartoon worshipping/hating, it looks like my fellow countrymen are now set to fight over paper idols.


So, as the local Bââââââsiji line up for the upcoming “Dabké” (revised edition), Chinese factories are cranking up new editions of those plastic keys.

Can one nominate a country for a Darwin Award?

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