Sunday, March 02, 2008

Nihil Novo

T’iz been a slow week, with no need for censorship, we had no news, and nothing worthwhile (?) to report.

Delenda Cartago, Delenda Cartago..

Sure, there were a couple of Jaw-Jaw shows on TV; Aoun managed to sound rather coherent for a change, and Berri’s men fired a few shots to celebrate his jocularity.

But was it all really relevant? The only relevant fact is fact that the President of our Assembly has his own militia. And that they feel confident in their impunity and ammo supplies to start unlicensed fireworks… Small potatoes compared to what the Mullahs are cookingif it works, and if they can use it...

And yes, there’s a big fuss about some ships.

But was it really relevant? Ever since the last Punic War, the locals lost control over their own shores to foreign powers. Only the ownership changed; Britannia rules the waves no more; it exhausted itself confining Russia in Crimea, then fighting U-Boaten and mayale”. So it should be no surprise that the Mediterranean is Uncle Sam’s own Mare Nostrum. And in spite of the many clueless morons, Uncle Sam is unhappy with some locals… They’re only saying it with ships, among other ways, but they can do little else for now.

Cartago Delenda Est!

And now, we hear the Saudis are being asked to skip town.

But is it really relevant? The parking situation will not improve on Gemmayze just yet. Many Saudis remain, together with a few Gulf Arabs; not all can afford to travel around too much. And the westerners have yet to make a move. Or maybe, like the Kuwaitis, they doubt the allegiance of their local expatriate “citizens”, especially considering Shater Hassan’s threats.

And next week, expect nothing to happen; we have another non-election that nobody really wants.

And beyond that, nothing relevant will happen short of a full-blow (civil?) war will move the Lebanese glacier. Just the usual tremor (but more to the north, next time), threats, assassinations, “security breaches”... The fact that nobody wants a war, and that the army’s strong enough to stop its occurrence may not matter; the iceberg has hit the Titanic, and nature will do the rest…

But not just now.

Not untill the REAL election is over…

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