Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thanks for the Invite...

Thank you for “inviting” us to your little party.

We know it did not come easy, and we are really grateful for your magnanimity. We understand that you don’t truly neither recognize our existence, and that our freedom scandalizes you and the "intellectuals" who support you. And we apologize for that; it must have been hard to hold your nose and write us this little invitation letter.

We apologize if the stench of our freedom so inconveniences you. We understand that times have changed, and our timid search for change now threatens you. We apologize for that too.

We apologize that you had overstayed your welcome, and that you had to be kicked out of your province, our country. Please forgive us if it appeared that your “Schutzstaffel” backed down in the face of lame foufou who do little more than talk. We understand that your “brand” is down in the face of our supposed “greed”, and we apologize for that too.

We apologize for this, but we can’t help it; it’s in our nature to yearn for freedom. We understand that our yearning for secularism stands in contrast with the region. We understand that our yearning for pluralism sands in the way of your need to suppress and cheat freedom, so we apologize for that too.

We apologize that you find it hard to hide all those you had previously “invited” or “eliminated”. Yes, some great and good may forgive, but none of us will ever forget, so we apologize for that too.

And now, we apologize that we can’t come.

At least, we shouldn’t come… Not until we have a president who can truly represent us. We apologize for our flawed system where candidates do not get 99% of the vote. We apologize if, as a result of our deviant ways, even the worst Lebanese president will likely be far more representative than yourself… As well as quite a few of your invitees.

We apologize… But we’re not sorry.

We’ll NEVER be sorry

But... Guess who might be?

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Blacksmith Jade said...

Excellent Jeha...really excellent!