Monday, April 21, 2008

From NeoCons to NeoLibs?

With Bush, we endured the NeoCons.

They tried to change the world by force, only to our make things worse.

With Snobama & Co., we may suffer the NeoLibs,

who claim they can change the world by talk. They are also likely to make it even worse.

And why is that? Simply because each misunderstood Teddy Roosevelt’s tried and true method;

have always been fond of the West African proverb: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far

Each one of those simpletons confined themselves to one part of this sentence.

The NeoCons prefer the Big Stick.

By relying on force, they hope that dictators would marshal those pesky Ragheads into accepting whatever diktat suited the great and good. Their “New Middle East” would continue to witness Arafat’s lies and deceits, Mubarak’s grip on power, and Bashar’s bloody dictatorship… Whatever you do, please do it quietly as long as you’re willing to sign a “peace” treaty with Israel.

The NeoLibs prefer the Soft Talk.

By relying on suasion, they hope that those pesky Camel Jockeys would herd themselves into a less confrontational stance. They will soon propose their own “Improved Middle East”, with restless, messy states, mis-governed by smallish strongmen who will carry on our great tradition of sectarian strife… Whatever you do, please do it quietly as long as you’re fighting away from Israel

The NeoPilots Like Both of Them...

It is a wonder that no one ever tried a less dogmatic approach to the Middle East. After all, the region is rather easy to figure out once you pragmatically remove the prisms of ideology. It is amazing how little Americans understand of their own history, and how little they comprehend of the Founding Father’s wisdom. Had they missed Benjamin Franklin’s;

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

Or maybe those simpletons think that freedom can be “walled in”. So I will put it in plain English; our Freedom and your "Essential Liberty" are intertwined, and our "Temporary Safety" and your security are deeply linked

Quand on est Con...

Those who ignore it will let either NeoCon’s or NeoLib’s lead the United States into making further mistakes. And when the next Carpet Pilot will fly their way into another high rise building, or worse, they will blame all but themselves.

No wonder few Arabs can really see “change we can believe in”.

[Snobama] effectively told the Iraqis once again that they weren't worth anything to America. If violence and corruption were controllable, if Al-Qaeda was still around but was limited to Iraq proper, if Washington could stomach the Iranian manipulation of Iraqis, then it made little difference what the deeper aspirations of Iraqis in general were. Iraq could be a suppurating wound at the heart of the Middle East - a suppurating wound, Obama has tirelessly reminded us, which the US helped create - but that counted for little when faced with the American urge to get out as soon as possible.


Someone please call the Pottery Barn!



Lirun said...

entertaining and thought provoking

naja said...

Brilliant, Jeha. We were discussing these exact same worries about the NeoLibs today at the office. Given a choice between pragmatists who will advocate giving to Syria whatever she wants as long as she keeps it all quiet, and the madmen who prefer to beat the shit out of her for being a rapacious beast, I tend to go for the latter, God forgive me. Given the levantines' perfidious thinking, Obama's approach augurs disaster for us. (And I speak as a self-confessed liberal!).

Jeha said...

Thanks guys.

I tend to agree with Naja, unfortunately. Then again, we have tried the pragmatists for the past half century. So let's try the madmen for now; there are no reasons I should be kept quiet just so the neighbours can sleep better...

I was telling my colleagues that there may even be more work for us; building weapons, adjusting guidance systems, retrofitting targets...