Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nobel's Hell

What’s the relation between the number of Nobel Peace Laureates and the probability of peace?

An Inverse Correlation.

After all, Ghandi was never considered worthy of the prize, was he? So we should not be too harsh on Jimmy Carter; after all, the best ex-president of the United States is only trying to live up to this peace prize by inadvertently heating things up here for us peones...

In his misguided foray, he is trying harder than even Henry "Cambodia" Kissinger ever dared, and we can be assured that whatever deals he makes in the region will have as much staying power as Lester B. Pearson’s "Thin Blue Line". But such is expected; after the “success” of the Camp David accord, Carter can only go down from that.

However, Carter is at least trying to do a better job than other laureates, some of whom he contributed to "make".

Indeed, the prize money was not enough for Anwar "Islamic Brotherhood" Sadate. He had to continue Egypt’s tradition of corruption and nepotism. He had big shoes to fill, after all, and the current Pharaoh can only continue the tradition, The lofty ideals did not rub-off on Menachem "Irgun" Begin. Soon after, he had to invade Lebanon in an attempt to enforce peace over there. It all ended with Sabra and Shatila, the “War of the Mountain”... and, perversely, to the rise of Hezb’O.

Some may feel disappointed that Carter’s best efforts go unrecognized. The “Middle Fool” unable to meet with fellow laureates.

Too bad; Shimon "Father of the Bomb" Peres would not receive him, and the other two co-laureates, Ishak "Break their Bones" Rabin and Yasser "Road to Jounieh and Damour" Arafat remain unavailable for comment.

Still, there were some interesting reactions to the trip...

...At the very least, Carter demonstrated his good intentions.

...And all of us riding along this road need the paving.

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