Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why Go After Drunkards?

At one political rally that I was attending, the speaker fire up;

We should finish off all the Jews, and all Drunkards!

In the audience, one person demurred;

Why the Drunkards? Can't we Rehabilitate them?

OK, That was a joke

Really. I don’t attend political rallies.

Not anymore.

However, the implication is not a joke, not really; the fools abound. One of them got angry at me because I berated him for ranting about "Alawite Dictators". Another was adamant about the "Shiite Crescent". Yet another insisted on "Fanatical Sunnis"... The point I kept making to those intellectuals is simple to understand for anyone who does not buy whoppers such as Obama's crapola; whoever your "uncles" are, whatever the support (you think) you need, sectarian politics can explain things (particularly in the Middle East), but they cannot justify policies or form the basis of opinion.

Think about it; whichever community you belong to, through your many conversations in Lebanon you may have overheard similar discussion threads. One hypocrisy at a time, we’re slowly “drifting” into a zone of “soft bigotry”, with people harping on the supposed evil motivations of the “others” and their nefarious plans.

But No One Really Wants War...

Of course not. No one wants war. Well, not really. Not intentionally

No one really wanted the first one.

No one really wanted nor planned any of the region’s orgies of confessional massacres, global imprisonments, mass graves, widespread kidnappings…

No one plans to become a refugee of hubris, be emigrated away from their country, or become the jailers of their fellow brothers….

No one really prepares for such things.

But once the road to hell is paved with the good intentions of politicians, we will easily walk on it, step by incremental step, led on by the soft bigotry of a growing racist expectation…

After All, They All Did It, Didn’t They?

Of all the people who were led down this road to carry out such atrocities, only the Germans learned the Lesson of history… Well, maybe not so well.

Not everything that happens, good or bad, can be really planned for or thought of… We Lebanese may well be laying the grounds for something that will improve of the innovations of the former Yugoslavs. Yes, our past performance is not encouraging in this respect; we Lebanese did not even go as far the Turks in their orgy of massacre, but there’s hope for us to best them all… And more.

So however you worship, do keep up the pace. Keep up the talk about Devious Sunnis, Treacherous Shiites, Untrustworthy Druze, or Crusading Christians…

…We’ll get there soon enough


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