Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Free Trip to Syria

The FPM invites you to:


A trip “dear to our hearts”

May 13, 2008


08h00 departing Rabieh

08h30 Stop at Awkar, stone throwing, “rage boy” karaoke, and manakish.

09h00 coffee at the camp-site (Main Branch, Downtown), narguilé and patriotic songs. Distribution of the blockbuster “the blood of the martyrs”.

10h00 regrouping of the coaches at Chiah, visits church Mar Mikhael, and distribution of the tee-shirts “'Iztizna, Sayyedna, Raïssna'”.


12h00 Lunch at Zahlé, stone throwing and target practice at Kataëb regional HQ, and s labné sandwiches

15h00 crossing of the “artificial border drawn up by western plutocratic imperialist regimes in the name of the oppression of the Arab people".

16h00 arrival at Damas-cus and fraternization with the “Ba’aaaathist Youths Club for the extermination of the Jewish and the Zionist Varmin supporting them”. Dabke, tea, and Falafel (with Bakkha).

17h00 Visit to Mezzeh to send a message of friendship to the Voluntary Lebanese Prisoners Lebanese. A Tombola will select a lucky winner who will be invited to an extended stay in Tadmor.


19h00 Reception with President Assad at the People’s Palace (the Ministry of Truth is in restoration_

19h30 Speech of HE President Daktur Bashar; “Greater Syria, Guarantor of Lebanese Stability

23h55 Speech of HE President Daktur Bashar. Speech of the General-President-Ay… Aoun; “Freeing Lebanon from the Lebanese: Method and Procedure”.

00h00 Return to Beirut, with musical animation by Gerban Bassil; “'Jette la grenad’ et broie l'sunnite“, spittoon-ducking contest.


Expenses: Free, the trip is offered by the Iranian Agency for the Active Under-development, and the Spread of Religious Discipline and Respect of Sharia.

Inscriptions: Camp-site Downtown area, tries N°13. Ask for HassAoun.



Marillionlb said...

Unfortunately I would not be able to attend such a historical trip, do you think it will make it to DVD format?

Jeha said...

Nor sure. I am sure Heckler and Koch will ask them as they welcome them back to Lebanon...

Bad Vilbel said...

I'm down with the trip up until "Return to Lebanon".

I'd be fine if they stayed in Syria, or even better, took up permanent residence at Mezzeh.

Charlie said...

Precious...Jeha ..Love your style man...:-)

Wassim said...

Walla I've been checking this blog for years, and I used to think this site was a bit more objective. Even though I'm not a Aounist, reading such one-sided drivel is extremely insulting to everyone's intelligence, and doesn't say much about the ability of the writer to see further than his nose. Either you're getting lazy (my opinion), or you should move into comedy. Either way, you're not helping. Waste of talent if you ask me.