Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lebanese Soufflé

Today, we’ve been treated to a great meal of modern Lebanese Haute Cuisine; the soufflé. This Lebanese soufflé is made up of two parts; the unsavoury base, and the unwieldy mixture.

First, the base is made up of a thick flavoured white sauce, made from hatred, greed and hubris.

Second, the mixture is added to the base at the right time; empty shells are added for cover and then misguided masses are forcibly folded into the mixture.

The misguided fools are spiced up with lies and deceit to give the dish the necessary cover and cause the soufflé to briefly rise during cooking. The Lebanese soufflé may also cause other dishes to rise up as well, so you need to completely isolate East from West in the Lebanese Kitchen as the soufflé is cooking.

The Lebanese soufflé is an typical of Middle Eastern modern cuisine; it deflates just as soon as it rises.

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