Thursday, May 08, 2008


I though this was another dress rehearsal that will blow over.

I was wrong.

I though Nasrallah knew what he was doing, and was still building.

I was wrong.

Now it appears that Al manar is preparing the ground for an attack at the Serail, talking news about snipers from the "FM militia". It looks like they want to go after the Serail. Shater Hassan is at pains to draw sympathy and paint this as a war against Joumblat. I guess he did not hear the Mufti's warnings, or the Saudis. After all, God is a card-carrying member of the Party, right?

I hope I am wrong.

....And not just for my sake... H/T Blacksmiths of Lebanon who are tracking this sorry news, as well as Chroniques Beyrouthines how has some nice maps.


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Bad Vilbel said...

I hate to say it. But it's looking more and more like my biggest fears are coming to pass.

So much for all the "Nassrallah knows better than to try all out war" logic. eh?