Sunday, June 29, 2008


It's déjà-vu all over again…


Someone needs to sign-up all those déjà-idiots in Baal-Mohsen and Bab-El-Tebbaneh for a collective Darwin Award.

Maybe we should add those braying déjà-fools who adulate Nasrallah; before déjà-bowing to the Vali-Faqih, may be they should ponder the meaning of the words " ."خاتمة الأنبياء

Maybe one should also add those other déjà-fooled idiots who still déjà-insist on a choice between a “prison-adjusted” déjà-Geagea, an “exile-weathered” déjà-Aoun, a “now wiser” déjà-Gemayel… Not to mention Slimy-the-Younger.

Maybe … Oh well, you get the picture; if our leaders are unable to learn from their déjà-failures and déjà-overreach, it’s because intelligence is genetic. Life is unfair, now deal with it; either get new leaders, or wait it out till they weed each other out.

Just déjà-survive.


We’ve been down this civil-war road so many times we could drive through it blindfolded. I would just note that, here again, no one can déjà-prevail in such a war, or in any other; the last one reconciled Kamal and Bashir in death, and this one will reconcile Ali and Omar in the same manner.

I would just reiterate a couple of elements here, as they give this latest civil-war edition a renewed twist. The path to this particular little war-in-a-war was started by two “mistakes”;

- One mistake was déjà-committed by "the Alawites", many of whom served in Rifaat's "Pink Panthers", and some of them “veterans” of Hama. Much like Lahd's men, they have déjà-elected to serve a foreigner rather than try to live with their own neighbours.

- Another mistake was déjà-committed by "the Sunnis", many of whom followed the luminaries of the “Tawhid”, a group that vanquished the once-powerful communists and déjà-imposed Sharia on Tripoli. They make Ben-Laden’s choir boys look like the local pansy division outfit…

The net result of those two mistakes? The déjà-fight, if it is not stopped in its tracks, will spread outside Lebanon. No amount of Syria’s Mukhabarat’s Energy will bring down this system’s increasing entropy of a Sunni-Alawite fight, especially in the context of the ongoing succession fight over Hafez’ throne.


The greater the love at the onset of the wedding, the greater the hate as the divorce gets underway. As Ali and Omar prepare to déjà-duke it out, I am not sure who will déjà-survive this “War of the Roses”, but it hardly matters; so what if only a diamond can cut a diamond? You’re still left with a “diamond” at the end… And not the kind that’s a girl’s best friend.

Or your kid’s… but they will be long gone by then, having déjà-emigrated out of this fools’ nest.


Mustapha said...

Smart post Jeha, keep it up! :)

amir in tel aviv said...

Smart post indeed...

I'm reading now the "six days of war"

and have the same déjà-fools feeling.
Nothing changed.