Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Lion's Dinner

When a lion invites you to dinner, better make sure you’re not the dinner.

I remain unsure about what exactly took place over the past few weeks. However, I think some "context" may help enlighten some aspects of those events; click on this link, go to the 49:00 minute mark, and listen. If your connection is slow, here is the interesting tidbit, among many whoppers spewed on that day.

We have discussed the 400,000 Palestinians living in Syria, and close to 300,000 living in Lebanon, and we have the feeling that, as part of the agreement between Israel and Syria, [the Syrians] would be granting citizenship to the Palestinians in Syria […] It would dramatically “change the attitude” of the Lebanese, and this can be very helpful from the point of view of defusing part of the this very explosive issue of Palestinian refugees

The speaker is Mr. Aaron Liel, the Israeli-negotiator who led the latest Syrian-Israeli love-fest. Such crass politicking at Lebanon’s expense makes “realists” looks good in comparison. To such worthy intellects, one only needs to quote is from no one else than a certain Laden, Ossama B., in his 1998 ABC Interview;

We have seen in the last decade the decline of the American government and the weakness of the American soldier who is ready to wage Cold Wars and unprepared to fight long wars. This was proven in Beirut when the Marines fled after two explosions

To those who may be tempted to sell Lebanon’s freedom to ensure their temporary security, can rest assured that snuffing our freedom will not yield any security.

Today, our time may have come. If it does, tomorrow will be the turn of those “realists”. When the time of those Chamberlain's comes, when some guy (or gal) blows them away to paradise, there will find that empathy has emigrated out with the luckiest amongst us. And the last thing they will hear will be a loud Lebanese snicker, and a even louder;

I told you so.

Didn't we tell you to watch out?


Anonymous said...

Good one, Jeha. The label shoud (also) read "rich, fine (black) humour"...which sounds like a drink, but is not haram at all.

Solomon2 said...

A Sunni political analyst who prefers to remain anonymous, contends, “the only solution now is federalism; confederalism, even. Hizbullah controls its regions. We control ours. We loosely cooperate with one another. This is what already exists de facto. We need to make it de jure.”