Saturday, June 07, 2008


This past Thursday, the episode of the political chat show, Kalam el- Ness, was very instructive. Marcel Ghanem was hosting Nouhad El-Mashnouk, advisor to Siniora, and Nawaf el-Moussawi, a Hezb analyst.

Mr. El-Mashnouk is smart and a well reasoned analysts. And even/especially when one disagrees with his points of view, one often learns something from him. But the show was not instructive for what either had to say, but rather for Mr. Moussawi’s display of powerful self-delusion. In his mind’s eye, it was all true;

The “resistance” was attacked back then. They were the victims.

Hezb did not invade Beirut, and it was only a “civil disobedience campaign”.

Hezb did not attempt to invade the Chouf.

There are no prisoners held in Syrian jails.

The real militias in Lebanon are those “rent-a-cop” outfits who search ladies purses at malls.


To the skeptic watching such a display of self-delusion, one questions come to mind;

How can such self-deluded demagogic bunch be the same organized outfit who defeated the formidable Israeli military in 2006 and who lost to a shotgun-equipped Druze municipal police in this past “mini-war”?

Nothing really fits


ghassan karam said...

Jeha there are two explanations to the question that you pose:

(1) Joseph Boebbels was a strong advocate the the truth is the biggest enemy of the state and as a result the state must shield the truth by telling big lies enough times to a large number of people. Maybe Mousawi is a student of Goebbels, who knows?

(2) It was Orwell who spoke of those that tell a lie that they truly believe in. He referred to this doublethink as controlled insanity. Are the leaders of HA is convinced of the righteousness of their cause that they cannot see the truth?

Anonymous said...

I saw that program and I was completely floored by the byzantine argument of the Hezb representative. I tried to follow his logic but I ended up very frustrated with his innane arguments. The danger lies in the Hezb's "us vs them" attitude which is quite reminscent of their archennemy Bush's blindsightedness. How can we ever talk to these "compatriots" if they cannot acknowledge their mistakes but are more than willing to laud the Israelis for their leaders' accountability (cf. last year's bashing of Olmert in the Knesseth after the Lebanon war). In addition, who says that they "won" the war? They have wrecked havoc in Lebanon and I would not put it past them to have leaned on their Iranian brothers-in-arms to fight in the South. Let's face it: Israel retreated not from fear of the Hezb but because their campaign was ill managed. I am sick and tired of hearing the Hezb's holier-than-thou "divine" rants. Enough already! I just cannot understand how their followers follow Hassan's megalomania so blindly. Wake up, guys, and think for yourselves!!! Otherwise, it'd be RIP Lebanon!

Nadia K

Jeha said...

indeed GK, but there's a nasty twist in here. As Nadia points out, those guys may well be "taking it to the max". The Fascists and Communists promised an earthly paradise to their followers, a claim which proved hard to debunk. One only needs to recall the uproar that met Soljenitsin's "Gulag Archipelago" exposure of the evils of the Soviet System... In France for example, every commie/pinko, from rank-and-file prolos to intellos like Sartre rallied around the red flag in defense of their illusions!

This crop Middle Eastern cultist leaders is far nastier, and their appeal far more durable, surpassing
even the Assassins of old. The followers of this current crop are far more determined, as they are longing after rewards in the afterlife.

I would be much harder for anyone to come back and expose those lies.

Solomon2 said...

I didn't notice that Hezb defeated the Israeli military in 2006, but I did notice that Hezbollah had to withdraw its armed personnel from the Israeli border and accept Israel's destruction of its underground rocket-launching sites in the area. Did you forget that, Jeha?

Nathan said...

Well, its a hell of a lot easier to defend nowadays than it is to attack, particularly into a moutain. And it certainly requires a different skillset than an ambushing people's army. So its not too surprising that Hezb'allah could hold off the IDF yet not be able to push the Druze off their homes.

Jeha said...

I understand your point, Solomon, but this hardly matters. I did not forget that Israel's stated objective was the complete destruction of Hezb. I did not forget that Hezb's objective was mere survival. And, while it did destroy Lebanon, Israel failed in achieving its stated objectives, Hezb, once again, achieved its goals. ergo; Hezb Won, Israel lost. That did not stop Olmert from defining his victory down, much like Arab leaders of Yore.

In any case, the barbudos are back to the border. Those guys are real professionals, and they know which side is up. This is why the past few weeks make little sense. Yes, as Nathan points out, Lebanon is easy to defend for a determined force. But something does not fit.

From what we've seen, last time, they really showed skill and leadership. This time, the Druze were far too poorly equipped this, and Hezb's men were really poorly led, and withdrew far too easily. In addition, there was never mention on the news on artillery, but the thuds heard on that fateful day were no mere mortars. Oddly, Hezb appears to be defining its victory down as well, in spite of loosing more than a 114 men, among them some of its 2006 heroes.

danny said...

I think it is more like spitting in your face! They are telling lies and TELLING you that you have to believe them. Twisted but effective; especially when they have the gun pointed at your head. HA is trying to shift from "resistance" to taking over Lebanon and the establishmnet of the Wilayet el Faqih. I honestly think that this "thing"; HA is morphing....

Nathan said...

The other possibility is that the Hezb'allah assault on the Druze was an overeager local commander going a bit rogue during the chaos. Would explain the poor leadership and the fairly abrupt end to the operation.