Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I Told You So...

In tough neighbourhoods, you should always be able to back up your swagger with deeds. You can afford to show no weakness nor inconsistency, at any time, and for any reason.This is especially the case when a picture is more than just a picture, when “local residents” are more than just the local “Comité d’initiative”.

The current events are part of a recurring pattern. We have seen those mistakes before. We know the outcome before hand… The Chansonniers de la Route, a Lebanese comedy team from the 80’s, put it best in a song about those foreign forces who come to “protect” us;

Voici les bleus de la marine

Les preux chevaliers de l'Occident

Ils vont du Chili jusqu'en Chine

Pour venir se faire tuer au Liban


One has to give it to the Syrians; behind the times or not, they remain consistent, even if their local lackeys are not. Joumblat is already hedging, learning to “live with Hezb”.

Please excuse my current total lack of empathy; it's been a long time since I, and many others, have bee sounding the alarm and warning of the dangers of splitting hairs. So, till the next bulldozer comes your way, dig up those old Lebanese comedy reels, tapes, and 48’s.

And enjoy a few psychic moments while you still can.

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