Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nigeiran Scams

One can make a lengthy argument as to the impact of the “change” in the direction of the United States policy, should O’bama ever be elected… Personally, I have no illusion of any changes; whether your choice is “the One” who rose to the top too fast to be kosher, or the other one who’s rise is too slow to be a genuine "maverick". I will save you the need to read an lengthy explanation; watch the videos instead.

Those were not opponents laughing at one another.

Those were comrades in arms laughing together at the world's expense. So, when it comes time for Rome to anoint its Cesar, little change is depth can be expected; the new emperor's job would be to clean up the financial mess first and foremost; whatever plans they will implement have already been written by President Paulson.

So it is no wonder that, between Ayers and Keating, I prefer the devil I know, with little justification beyond my own gut feelings… Either way, however, I do expect any real change to affect United States policy in the Middle East. Myself and others have blogged ad nauseum and clearly showed how the Iranians and Syrians will accomplish little as long as they are aligned against the core interests of the United States.

Those who still disagree are too far gone to be convinced. After all, they still expect that, on the morning after the election, either candidate will still respect them ...


ghassan karam said...

You might be surprised, or not, to learn that very few people, if any will agree that Obama and McCain represent a "two headed hydra". The differences in their views regarding most issues are real and often deep. This is not to suggest that Mr. Obama is a radical progressive, he is not but he will change what the US has become as a result of the last 8 years under Bush.
One thing for certain, the US will enter a new era that is a return to more government regulation and less "cowboy capitalism" and believe me that there will be no roll for a Hank Paulson in this new regime. If anything Hank Paulson has been inept , too ideological and above all way behind the curve.
Time will tell what kind of a president Obama will be but one thing is acertainty, he will be elected to the highest office in the land by a landslide in the electoral college 13 days from today.

Jeha said...


You'd be surprised how close I am to your position.

Still, I just do not trust the vibe I get from the likes of Obama or Palin, and I am still uneasy about McCain who showed weakness bny not challenging Bush 4 years ago. I agree that my depiction is excessively conspirational, but the impression I have is of that the US is facing a limited choice of media-manufactured candidates.

I had been slow blogging for a while, because I still cannot shake that odd feeling. If it appears that I have been depicting the US as a hydra, it's only because the two headed eagle is already taken.

On the positive side, the US, under Dubya, has been a two-headed Turkey... So, whoever is elected will be an improvement over this poor imitation of Harding. I hope.

Lalebanessa said...

"After all, they still expect that, on the morning after the election, either candidate will still respect them ..."

hehe, classic, you should write a book.

In the end, I think whomever wins won't matter from our point of view. In our subsection of the Middle East (i.e Lebanon/ Syria/ Israel/ Palestinian terretories/ Jordan) their policy is set in stone and the list always starts with Israel first, and everything else just follows on from there.

Red Cell News Team said...

perhaps we will all be surprsied