Saturday, October 04, 2008

Stupidity (2/2)

In the midst of all the political muck around us, Joe Biden's been outdoing Palin Sirah, pr maybe just getting ahead of himself... and ourselves.

I missed the memo on when te United States "kicked [Hezb'O] out of Lebanon. And I hope nobody tries again, as it will be fatal to Lebanon. Nasrallah and his goons are not the disease that afflicts Lebanon, but one symptom of the deeper Arab disease;

Just one party out of many who claim to be inspired by God.

If one thing was common to all those who walked on that famous day of March 14, it is that most Lebanese are eager to get Allah out of any of our Hezbs. The trouble is we still haven't figured out how; it's going to be hard as long as we still haven't fully accepted that, thanks to mass media, God now may have other options than to send isolated prophets... Maybe we should start by getting those Hezbs and Zaims out of our hearts, thus leaving room in there for our children.

Until we do that, we Lebanese will remain the stupidest of God's creatures, our best and brightest emigrating away, leaving only rawhide to flock around the Qislings who slaughter them.


Anonymous said...

The glow of the revolution has faded and we are left with deep sorrow...Is there any light up there Jeha?

As you implied, it all comes to us to people to say no enough is enough? Then the world will follow...we can't just sit on our butt and wait for others to fight our battle. We can't sit there waiting for palin or Biden to save us while Syria is aspiring

Anonymous said...

while Syria is aspiring to build some nuclear power

Nobody said...

I would suggest a more holistic view of the society than one you seems to have. By the time people are mature enough to get Zaims out of their hearts, Zaims themselves will be different. I think in most cases society is changing as a whole. The issue is not necessarily bad leaders vs stupid and ignorant people. It's a malaise that afflicts the society as a whole.

And in many ways, Hezbollah is not that bad by whatever standards. Of course it's too extremist and pushing the country into catastrophe, but neither it's a kind of Al-Kaida or whatever. The fact that Lebanon got such an "advanced" resistance is an indication that it indeed stands apart from the rest of the region.

Probably many Lebanon's problems are not a fault of the Lebanese themselves. Others would have fared no differently in such a situation. It's more like that the situation itself may be impossible indeed.