Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Ben Franklin, a non-president among the dead presidents we so eagerly trade, was once queried, as he left what would become Independence Hall;

“Well, Doctor, what have we got?”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Today, for the 56th time, the Americans ran a presidential election. OK, some would say 57th, since John Hancock had the title first… But the fact is, like clockwork, the Americans vote for a president, and a rather smooth transition takes place. Even if some of the workings of this system smell rather too fishy to qualify as a real democracy, as a Republic, it's not so bad. In any case, it's the closest thing to a democracy the world has.

so, for the 57th time, congratulations to you.

In the United States, Provided he applies to the white house the same shrewd determination that he used to rise to the top, the United States will fare rather well. However, will he succumb to hubris and believe his own rhetoric, the outlook will not be so rosy. Messiahs and prophets do not always fare well, and quite a few are already shopping around for a cross and nails.

And, for (n+m)th time, do not sell us out...

In the rest of the world, the outlook depends on their current alliance or opposition to the power of the American Imperium. They all expect either a saviour or a douche, but they will all get a shrewd president, intent on increasing his power and therefore that of his country.

So, as reality sets in, expect most election promises to be broken, and if the style changes, do not expect the actions to be dramatically altered. For too many, it will take time for reality to sink in;

They voted for a messiah, and got a mere 44th president.

The show goes on.


Anonymous said...

>>They voted for a messiah, and got a mere 44th president
Just go and fuck yourself you dirty arab

Jeha said...

C'est un peu court, jeune Anon...

Lalebanessa said...

jeha, but don't you think that by just being the first black man to be elected as president he has already delivered so very much?
And not only to african americans, and America itself, but also to the rest of us who sit around wondering if wrong can ever turn into right, it gives us hope.

Jeha said...


Yes, I agree with your assessment, even though I had not rooted for Obama for no other reason that he rose too hight too fast. I would have favoured a fight between "known quantities"

I will further add that such a revolutionary transition is taking place so "matter-of-factly" speaks volumes about the United States. In that sense, I am glad to see that the Americans are "better" than I gave them credit for, and I feel that we have much to learn from such an example; in our side of the world, all Antar's brave deeds did little to endear him to Abla's father...

However, I feel that more than a sumbol is needed at this stage. Aside from my dislike for charisma and this Obama is no MLK. Since he's being "sold" as a messiah, many of his admirers will follow either of two tracks;

1/2- They will turn their love to hate, outwards towards him. This will be unfortinate; this messiah may well be hiding a rather decent president. At the very least, his ascension may finally see the demise of the likes of Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan.

2/2- Their will turn their love as an outward hate, as demonstrated above.

Either way is bad; passions are a lousy guide for decision-making.

ghassan karam said...

I think that we have discussed the particulars of what a paradigm shift is many times on these very pages. What you seem to what neglected in your present post, or maybe I should say misunderstood, is the real significance of the Obama phenomenon.
A paradigm shift occurs when a young turk, a new commer, takes the fight to the old established known quantities that have created the present problems. Paradigm shifts are lead by the young, the inexperienced but the ones who dare to think differently and dare to lead to new fields that are outside the bounds of what is considered to be doable.
The US did NOT vote for a messiah because voters are smart enough that messiahs are a fiction that is to be reserved for religious story telling. Voters went out on Nov 4, 2008 to elect a new leader and in the process wound up in re inventing the republic. Yes the union is not perfect but last night renewed the movement towards that elusive goal. No one expects Barak to do miracles but he is expected to change the wrong path on which this country has been travelling for the past eight years. He will reinvent politics and we will all be better for it. The American Revolution endures and last night is to be celebrated for a long time to come, maybe forever.

danny said...

I have to concur with Gus...In this snapshot of time Obama will be celebrated for his accomplishment. It is a movement forward in the maturation of the Republic and its citizens...Bravo Americans...You proved me wrong!

Jeha said...


Let me clarify; I agree with you on the symbolism. The fact is that the outcome of this election shows that there is something fundamentally good in the United States. Something we all ought to learn from.

However, "al yawmou khamran, wa ghadan amran"... I may have a tendency of viewing the glass as half-empty. I just want to caution that the mettle of this president will be proven not by how he sees off his opponents, but how he confronts many of his supporters. It is there that the success of this presidency resides.

ghassan karam said...

As you well know, I also tend to be a person who sees the glass half empty , but in this case I am willing to go out on a limb by stating clearly and with no qualifications whatsoever that Obama is the real thing. He was not elected to be a symbol and wopuld have refused it had it been this way. I am willing to go as far as to suggest that he will be another FDR!!! Check with me in a year or so :-)

Abu Sa'ar said...

Never trust a self-styled Messiah. In the end, he'll always turn out to be another scumbag who'll fleece you for all your worth if you're lucky and have you tortured to death if you're unlucky.

This election, Americans proved themselves to be:

a) shallower than a transsexual's vagina
b) more emotional than an Argentinian soap opera
c) guilt-tripping idiots (whites)
d) goddamn racists (blacks)

Imperium Americana was built by tough people who'd rather bleed than cry. It was defended by stubborn people who'd rather die than surrender. And it'll be torn down by hedonistic, sentimental scum who'd rather sling mud at their country than defend it.

Same thing has happened with Great Britain - now no longer Great or very British. Destroyed by whiny sissies.

Anonymous said...

Abu Sa'ar: Obama laughs out loud at the Messiah connotation.

After all, it is perfectly clear that bigots and hypocrites are the bastard sons of mankind and usually found at the top of the list where trouble persists.