Sunday, January 25, 2009


The news this past couple of weeks has been replete with drunkenness. Faced with the latest demonstration of Israel’s illusion of living without its neighbours, our local Saint Jihad Chrisosphobos decided to retaliate…

So, unable to do anything south of Nakoura, he sent his partisans take over Churches.

Turn the other Cheek, eh?

This led some of his Ninjas, Modi Viarge Grises for the occasion, to deliver some esti de sacrament d'agrat, at the Church in Haret Hreik, with the full regalia of Ôstie and and tabarnak achalandé.

And now he has manufactured a Modit Rosaire.

What’s next; an Ostie with Saint-Ciboire de Nasrallo’s effigy on? Well, Khomeiny tried to emulate the Saint Charbel look, but Shater Hassan's pushing too hard. Even with all ClAoun’s support behind him, I am not sure that it would sell in Lebanon. The Lebanese may not have more than mere words to oppose him, but some can have subversive power

Modit Côlisse…!!

Never before has religion been so enmeshed with politics as in Lebanon. Thanks to Nasrallah and his goons, we may be in the Middle Ages, but fear not; to everything there’s a season

… La Révolution Tranquille n’est pas loin.


Pazuzu said...

Note #1:
This is the first time I have a problem deciphering your linguistic codes, but I enjoyed it none the less.

I know how much importance people give to pictures of saints and everything, but if you think of, what's the big deal. I mean, we photoshop the picture of Geagea next to Mar Charbel and Rafqa and Hardini and jesus of course... Geagea is our mundane leader that we put next to saints and gods.... Why would it not be nasrallah when it comes to an area where Nasrallah is the mundane god for both christians and shia.
halla2 I do understand that if this has been done but people who have no spiritual connection with christian figures would put it to oppress the local christian minority, in that case I would refuse it, this is a grave form of oppression.

But other than that, what's the big deal?

fed up lebo said...

the problem is not the picture per say. the problem is that if anyone was to put lets say sfeirs pic or estakhfarellah say geagea pic on any koran or muslim document or prayer ornament what would happen???

i dare to say the burning of the danish embassy in ashrafieh would be a walk in the park as a starter.

for me its a calculated move done in extremly bad taste.

Pazuzu said...

stop being so paranoid... Hezbollah people want to be stupid, stubborn and feared, they are doing so.
What do you want the "christian" scene to be like? You want a easy life of bourgeois or pseudo-bourgeois then go ahead and make sure you build a political power that can hold back the Hezbollah thugs.. piece of cake
Halla2 if you want to be stupid, stubborn and feared, go ahead and get armed and destroy your country to build an emirate... kamen piece of cake

bas then again, when we put christian leaders next to our gods and saints then other will do so. Hayne

Jeha said...


Good point. My "linguistic clues" only serve to highlight how much a disservce Hezbo people are doing to their own cause... Much like Geagea in the past, come to think of it.

theFool said...

Nice post. This'll give me a few hours to ponder on.

R said...

What the Middle East really needs is hockey. That way the wars can be fought on the ice and religion can be confined to worshiping the Montreal Canadiens.

Anonymous said...

haha bravo Jiha ..... i went through almost Lebanese 10 blogs and every single one was a dejavu ... same stuff same type of comments same bias , and i wanna congratulate you all for Michael Totten what a great peace of a reporter, Covering Israeli "Suffering" all the time, and then his majesty lectures us on independence. Talking about Nasrallah in such a disrespectful way , remmeber nasrallah is a important symbol for 200 Million Shiaas worldwide, not a bunch of so called Lebanese. Sooner or later we will have your asses kicked , and no more Respect for you. Bye Lebanese-Saudi Prick

Jeha said...

anon 01:18,

Well, I'll still respect you in the morning...