Friday, February 20, 2009


It is interesting how little news Middle Eastern newspapers really provide us with. As they feed us misinformations in the service of shady policies, one has often to read between the lines. In Lebanon, they more often serve us tired tirades disguised as real analysis. So we have to read “outside” the lines … Here’s a couple of little tidbits that we do not read about;

1- the February 12th kidnapping of Joseph Sader, the Middle East Airlines (MEA) director of information technology operations. Coincidence: he may have been related to the fact that he processed and prepared files related to the Hariri assassination case.

2- The February 18th assassination of Ghassan Miqdad, the MEA pilot, found dead in his own car in Beirut’s Ouzai district. Coincidence: he had transported the Hariri files to The Hague on Feb. 9. Coincidence: 2 months ago, his brother, Mohammed, was similarly assassinated, in the same area. Coincidence: 2 weeks before that, his house was burglarized.

And the biggest Coincidence of all; both the Airport and Ouzai district are under the control of Hezb’O. So as they hide their head up their own gluteus maximus;

Lebanon's great and good say it’s all personal.

I say its just business as usual

Bring on the Salami...

...Paranoid, eh?

Update: No. My source(s) are not Al-Siyassa, which I do not read anyway. And that's all I have to to say about that... For now.


A Purple Monkey said...

Do you have sources for any of these coincidences?

danny said...

Sources for coincidences???...hmmmm

I wonder what you mean? Are you disputing that all these happened?

I'd say that's a bizzare coincidence too!

naja said...

I agree with purple monkey here, Jeha. If what you say is true, it would be quite a scoop - I am surprised nobody seems to have even hinted to it. And if it is substanciated, then it should be brought out into the open.

Jeha said...

There is no scoop; all this is pretty much in the open. Such events are just slowly accumulating, and I fear the "scoop" that is building up.

This shows the fix Hezb is in; the more it expands its zone of nominal control, the less it formally controls. This exposes it to a danger, as it is ultimately being held accountable for anything that happens in those areas.