Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cher Nobyl...

Dear “Daktor” Bashar,

So it’s endgame for you… What do you expect, when no one really believes you anymore, even when (if?) you tell the truth? So, you may last a year, you may last 10. But you’re basically gone. At this stage, forget about all the “praise”; your regime is bankrupt and all but gone. And forget about your Iranian paymasters, they have troubles of their ownAll sorts of troubles. So you should be considering your options.

So, at those last stages, what are your options? Well, you would normally have a few. By now, none will work… Consider this:

Option 1: high tail it outta there. At first, the British may still find you an exit; they do have a soft spot for dictators and their cash. You once had a few useful idiots there, but now you appear to have pissed off even the stupidest and the most “grovelish” of them that they are actively trying to forget they ever knew you. Still, in this case, you’ve stolen enough cash to ensure that your children may survive, though I’m not sure if your son will live out the Legacy of his name; I suggest you petition to change his name back to… Al-Wahsh

Then (where else) you could have considered joining (what’s left) of Ben-Ali in Saudi Arabia or Qatar? You may get past the Salafis, but pity the shopping… And the regime there is not any more stable than you are… Thank providence for high oil prices. So, further away? Maybe China; for all its support, Russia may well be reconsidering some of its options.

Option 2: You could try a “political rally”, in which case he will end “a la Ceaucescu”. Not a good idea; with Assef Shawkat gone, you may want to watch those who “escaped” the blast.

Option 3: You could try to hold on to that “Alawite stronghold” of yours. But I am not sure how well Ghazy Canaan’s “suicide” (and that of his brother) was received over there. At least, stay away from the beach. And again, watch those who “escaped” the blast.

Then again, you’re smart enough to find a way out of this… As long as your arrogance does not get in the way. It’s a pity that you wasted all your intelligence and the “good will” you had early on. You’ve only managed to keep Syria in the dark ages. Or maybe you had no choice; your own grandfather had predicted as much.


Ghassan Karam said...

It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I hope that all is well. There is a historical inevitability to the demise of all dictatorships. Bashar will be the last Assadist.

Jeha said...

Thanks GK, me too. It's been "slow" lately, but now things are really changing. I fear we're post Assad already, and what we've been witnessing does not augur well for the future. For now, Good riddance to bad rubbish... But I fear worse rubbish is to come.