Monday, July 23, 2012

Liars Ballet

The thing about lies is that they come back to haunt you... For the Syrian regime, it's endgame; they lied so much, no one would ever believe him, even if they were telling the truth... Which in this case they are not. 

Enter "Houssam Houssam", the so-called star witness in the Hariri Assassination. The "Free" Syrian Army now has him. Skipping the part of how he got there, he claims he has new revelations on his past revelations... Not that's a liar that I would never believe. 

Still, in Lebanon, we're so fed up with the Divine Idiots that he'll find an audience... At least, now the regime's chicken are all "coming home to roost". The only downside is that, when they will be done with this gang of clowns, the new clowns will get not just get rid of the bad, but also of any good that was left there... 

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